Why, WHY when I’m finally trying to do something to my site my FTP takes a crap?? I at least got to upload my new winter skin! Click on ‘Skin 5’ on the side links if you’re still seeing the old ones…that’s if you’d like to see the new one . Oh well…I’m in a really good mood right now. Whatever’s in that white cheese popcorn, I’ve got to have more often!

Vito and Grandpa fixed the car today, bless their hearts. I need to start driving in TOWN! I drove to and from Aunt Nora’s when we dropped John off (did I already mention that?) and I wasn’t really terrified, but I was nervous. I have no depth (distance?) perception what-so-ever and that scares me. I also have no sense of direction…Lord help me if I ever do start driving in town. I’d get lost in a carboard box .

We have a wedding to go to this Saturday and Mario barely reminded me of this yesterday. I have nothing to wear! How I hate shopping…especially for dresses. Or something dressy. I never look right *sigh*. But I’m in a good mood and darnit I’m gonna find something nice. Wish me luck .

…hours later. The husband got home about two hours ago and OMG he must have missed me while he was at work or the lunch I made him was really good because…wow. Describing would just be too much information so I’ll just zip it and go to bed .