Driving Miss Yaya

I’ve actually been driving–and not just around the neighborhood! On Monday, I drove all the way to Peñitas by myself in the morning. Then at night, Mary sent me to order from McDonald’s. I took John with me. It was hilarious.The boy seriously thought I was going to get us killed. Halfway there I tell him out of the blue, “I have heartburn”, and responds with, “I have diarreah” . I can’t be that bad of a driver!

We were laughing the whole time, mostly because he was being ridiculous. If I had gotten into an accident, it would have been his fault for making me laugh. But we got there and back home safely. Later he tells me, “I need to drive. If YOU can drive, then I can definetly drive.” I felt just a bit offended .

Today, I went to drop Eenan off at school (first day back!). Then dropped John off (he was actually not as tense with me driving this time), and then went to Peñitas again. I made a huge mistake, which could have gotten me (and little Jaylen) into an accident, but the damn light never turned GREEN! So, I need to be more careful and study my driving book a little more . But other than that, I did very well. Now…let’s see when I can drive to Mission on my own .

As for John, he’s pretty upset. He found out yesterday his good-for-nothing girlfriend was indeed cheating on him. Something I already knew just by her personality and the way she spoke to me, and something John could sense deep in his heart. He wasted a whole year on her. Can you believe she’s leaving to another state (again) because the guy she cheated with is coming down here to see her and she’s afraid she’ll fall in love with him again? What kind of shit is that? What about John?! She needs to stop being a coward and deal with the problems she’s caused for herself. All John can say is he wants her to be happy. He felt bad because she felt bad and she was crying her eyes out. I say that’s bullshit. Good for her. I hope she feels like shit for a long damn time for doing this to him. I’m so disappointed. I actually liked the little hooch. It’s a damn shame.

It’s all her fault I couldn’t get a decent night’s sleep. I was so afraid John would do something stupid (because he’s depressed and has already been suicidal at one point). I slept with the door to the bedroom open so I could hear what he was doing. Everytime I’d hear the bathroom door open I’d wake up again. I almost felt like putting all the pills that were in the medicine cabinet in my room, but I didn’t want to make it obvious I was paranoid. I hope he can find happiness, with someone else, soon. She’s definetly not worth it.

Argh, anyway. Mario’s finally awake. He actually has today off . Gonna go get some tools from work that he needs and then we’re going to the groceries. Fun!

on Sunday, January 9th, Rachel said:

Oh, that’s mean of that girl 😥

I hope he is healed as soon as it is possible from that relationship, and finds “the girl” when he’s ready 🙂

on Sunday, January 9th, tara said:

yay for driving! you should really get your liscense, you’d definitely pass!

i’m sorry to hear about what happend with your brother. i really hope that he will meet someone that will treat him so much better! *hugs*

on Saturday, January 8th, Tamz said:

lol! Oh believe me girlfriend, if I can drive, YOU can drive… and well.. I can hardly drive (I seem to forget there’s a gutter.. lol!) I laugh about it but I’m probably shit scared about accidents and stuff. Good to see you getting around, woo… but not like that damn *beep beep jerry springer beep* :angry: thing that Johnny boy was dating. He deserves someone special after all this sad time he’s been going through Don’t know what else to say..

oh.. bargain time again. I picked up a 1979 strawberry shortcake dress patterns! For $2.50!! My little girl is goin to end up with lots of pink strawberry dresses 😀

on Friday, January 7th, Jessica said:

Hey girl. I second Laurie’s comment on driving over (up in my case) to visit me too. 🙂 I’m just a hop skip and a few hundred miles I’m sure. But it’s still in Texas!

And my heart goes out to your brother. Hope everything gets better soon.

on Thursday, January 6th, laurie said:

aww girl I’m sorry to hear about your brothers ex girlfriend drama. I hate it when them girls do that to the brothers. :angry:
Good for you for driving ! yay! Maybe one day you could drive over here and visit me? hehehe

on Thursday, January 6th, rockerchickrulz@aol.com“>Gonzo said:

Hey Yaya. Great job n the driving! Keep trying and soon you’ll be perfect at it. 😛 And so sorry about John, I hope he’s ok. Stupid girl. Grr. >.<