Hurricane Emily and Other Worries

So I hear it made landfall around 6:30 this morning. At 5:34, I’d woken up due to some loud, whirring sounds, and I thought the worst (a tornado) so I got up to check. It was just a lot of wind and rain so I went back to sleep. Tried checking the weather channel but our satelite lost the signal (only thing I hate about digital).

Woke up this morning to iron Mario’s clothes in case he needed to go in to work and switched it to the WC. There was a tornado in Brownsville that tore the roof off of some apartments and another tornado in Rio Hondo. They’d just called a tornado warning for the McAllen area too, but it’s since vanished. Mario doesn’t have to go in to work today, thank God. We spent a lot of yesterday preparing, taking showers in case we couldn’t for like a week, getting food together and all that just in case and when Mario got home he helped Big Mario finish boarding up the house, getting the aluminum shingles screwed down on the tool shed, and other stuff like that. They did a fantastic job, mostly my father-in-law who was out there all day yesterday.

Mary, Noelia, Peanut, and Eenan are at Elda’s apartment. John, Mario, Jaylen and I stayed here at home. We had the cats in the bathroom all day and they did wonderfully, but at night they started getting a little stir-crazy so we let them out. They’re okay :).

We haven’t lost power, thank goodness. I don’t want to count my chickens though. South Padre just lost power they said. Hopefully it won’t get worse.

I spoke to my advisor again yesterday. She said they WERE going to need my diploma or transcript that has my grad year on it (can’t believe those jackasses didn’t add that in!!) and they need it before I start school. I’m guessing if they don’t have it, I won’t get to start, which sucks a big one. I called the place where I need to order my diploma from and the girl said it takes however long it takes them to send it, to receive it. Great. We’re going all over the place on Thursday to at least get my transcript dated. I still can’t believe this. Why can’t things ever just be easy???

Gonna check what Mario’s doing out there. I think it might flood outside where the deck is .

on Thursday, July 21st, Lauren said:

omfg i’d freak out if i heard like.. tornado-type winds outside of my window!! 🙁

on Thursday, July 21st, Johanna said:

Hope you and your family are okay! <3

on Thursday, July 21st, kitty said:

:(anyway, hope all goes well in your area, I’m praying for you guys.. watching the news just scares me.. tsk, and yeah hope your starting of school goes cool, too.. happy 4u, again take care!!

on Thursday, July 21st, kitty said:

:gasp: oh my goodness!! hope you guys are ok. hurricanes are scary.. ugh.. aww I just read your previous post and I remembered when I was in elementary I named my white cat artemis based from the cartoon sailormoon, lol.. and a black cat named Luna, goddness, I miss cats.. how many pets do you have anyway? it seems you have a lot! i envy you… sniff.. 🙁 🙂 take care!!

on Wednesday, July 20th, laurie said:

I was thinking about you too when I heard Emily was gonna hit south TX. Hope all is well!

on Wednesday, July 20th, Vic said:

I HATE friggin hurricanes. Texas and Florida really are just alike aren’t they? *sigh*

on Wednesday, July 20th, tara said:

I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot (everytime I watch the Weather Channel!) I hope you guys are ok and that the hurricane doesn’t come near you! *hugs*