Just the Two of Us…

We woke up late as always and were going to catch a movie around 1pm. I can’t remember why it didn’t work out at that time, but he said we’d watch one before 6, definitely. We were going to catch either the 4:20 showing, or the 5:05. He wasn’t in a good mood to begin with and then we left late and wouldn’t catch the 4:20pm show at Hollywood Theatres in McAllen. I told him it was still okay because the one in Mission (which is also closer to home by 15 minutes), Tinseltown, didn’t start showing till 5:05pm. We needed to get a few things at Walmart anyway, which is right next door, so we could easily waste time.

We got the non-perishables we needed and Mario was hungry so we stopped by McDonald’s. He had a meal and I just had some cookies and a hazelnut coffee chiller thing, which I regretted since it tasted like crap.

We talked and laughed and he was in a better mood. He looked at his cell phone and we realized we’d spent more time eating than we should have. We paid for everything and went straight to the movie.

It was already in the starting credits, but we didn’t miss anything, thank goodness. We agreed that Mario would pick the movie this time since he had to suffer through Confessions of a Shopaholic the last time. I hadn’t really heard anything about Push, but I was pleasantly surprised at what a good movie it was. It was awesome and the setting was cool, too. I think that’s what I liked the most; that it was filmed in Japan, was it? Yeah, well, I liked wherever it was filmed, heh.

We drove straight home and I instantly felt like an idiot because I was supposed to remind him to stop for milk and a few other groceries from either Walmart or H-E-B, because I just had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to buy those groceries right now. But, oh well. I forgot so I’d have to go get them during the week.

Adan came over that night and we just hung out in the living room, on the laptops and watching TV. We watched a movie and when I got tired I took Alaethia with me to bed and eventually fell asleep. I woke up around 2am to find that Mario was barely coming to bed. We figured it was late, but the perfect time to try and, er, help Emily along again LOL. I, once again, just had a feeling that we should.

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