My Little Graduate

I’m watching American Idol right now…everyone was sucking until Bo Bice started belting out “Stand By Me”. Not only do I love this song because it reminds me of when I was little and would listen to oldies with my Mom, but he’s got such a nice voice *swoon*. (OOoh he also sang “How Far Is Heaven”…loved it!) I still can’t believe Constantine got voted off before Anthony Federov and Scott Savol (but I like how he sings, sometimes). I can’t believe Paula CRIED! Oooh now Carrie’s on…she’s my favorite.

Eenan’s graduation was today . He looked so handsome in his shirt, tie and slacks.

Mary went with me to drop him off and we spoke to Ms. O., who looked so cute in her maternity clothes . She took all their gowns to iron them at home, herself. I stopped by the classroom before Eenan got out of school yesterday so that I could pick up the gown to iron but she said she’d do it. I kept asking her, “Are you sure??”, but she insisted.

When we got back from dropping him off I frantically ironed all our clothes, and flat-ironed my hair, got all the cameras together and whatever else that needed to be done. I would have done everything last night except Mary and I went to Wal-Mart to get “surprises” for Eenan to give him after his graduation. After 30 minutes of rummaging through the piles of stuffed animals stuffed in the shelves she found a graduation bear and I got him a Glow in the Dark Do-Your-Best Bear from Mario and I. Needless to say, I was dead tired when we got home.

We got to the Performing Arts Center at the high school at around 8:35-8:40 and didn’t get seated till at least 9:15! The graduation was set to start at 9am and they didn’t start till 10 something. It was all made up for when they showed a video Mr. Z., the music teacher, had put together. It was mostly pictures of the kids all doing their work in their classes. When I see them flash a picture of Eenan up there I started bawling. They were also playing Leann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” in the background, so that hit me and I couldn’t get the tears to stop LOL. I love that song!

He looked so cute going up there and getting his “diploma” (which was a fake rolled up piece of paper they took away LOL). He looked over to us when he went up the steps, kind of posing for us to take a picture. When all the kids got their “diplomas” we all walked out and met the kids in the main lobby(?) and took pictures of them, etc. I took a picture of Eenan, the pimp, with his arms around two of his (girl) friends. Too cute! We met the kids back at school and checked Eenan out for the rest of the day. He took a few pictures with friends, Ms. O., us and a group picture. He had so much fun and was beaming with pride since he’s going to 1st grade next year, “like Angela”.

Since the graduation took so long, and Mario had to leave to work by 12:20 and Mary had to go to work too, we just stopped by McDonald’s (since it’s the closest, fastest thing). We’ve been chilling out at home since. He’s so happy he’s “un-grounded” now LOL. He was grounded most of the weekend because he got a referral for sticking gum in a little boy’s hair during graduation practice last Wednesday .

As for the weekend, it was spent in town buying Mother’s Day gifts, getting John’s graduation stuff, and buying last minute stuff for Eenan’s graduation. We got:

1. Mary – 2 DVDs
2. Mom – shoes she wanted and gold/cubic zirconia earrings
3. Gramma – a nightgown and some chocolates
4. Aunt Nora – cubic zirconia earrings

We went to the circus Saturday night (Mary, Sonia, Yadira, the girls, Andy, Noelia, and the boys and I). It was nice…I was STILL expecting elephants and tigers and they didn’t have them, but it was still cool. The kids loved it. Jaylen was going psycho clapping because he was that excited.

The next day we dropped John off at home and Mom gave me my super wonderful Mom’s Day gift…the It Signature collection Bucket Bag. The first Dooney I laid eyes on back in the day and wanted:

It’s so awesome. It’s smaller than my Raspberry barrel, but still oh-so-cute .

I’m also getting back into scrapbooking. I’m slowly buying supplies, and cute embellishments and papers. I made my first page in years yesterday and it came out really nice, if I do say so myself . Noey went through a bunch of papers and cut-outs and she gave me some really cute ones (Halloween, Road Trip, Birthday themes) I want to use ASAP. She wants me to help her with hers when she’s done with her class. It shall be fun!

Okay, I should really get to vacuumming and making Mario’s lunch for tomorrow. I don’t know what to make for this man anymore!

on Thursday, May 5th, Rachel said:


Also, Eenan looks so cute in his grad clothes ^_^

on Wednesday, May 4th, Yajaira said:

Hola Helen,
Si entendi lo que escribiste (sp?), un poquito…me entiendes a mi? 🙂

on Wednesday, May 4th, hellen said:

eu comentei mas acho que voce nao vai entender nada do que escrevi mais valeu a intenção 😀

on Wednesday, May 4th, Johann said:

Awww, how cute! His graduation seems so adorable!!!!!!! I am jealous! I want a Dooney like the one you got but in black. Where do they have those at? I have only seen some ugly ones lately. I can’t afford them anyways, so oh well. Happy Early Mom’s day!

on Tuesday, May 3rd, Vic said:

Awww he looks so cute!!!!!!

on Tuesday, May 3rd, kitty said:

aww.. your son’s so handsome!! ^_^ have a nice day, yaya!!! 🙂