My New Routine

A little over a month ago I started jogging with Jorge and eating better to hopefully keep from having to continue taking high cholesterol medication like I’d mentioned at the end of my post 2 posts ago. I’d been taking Lipitor since February 7th after my yearly checkup discovered that I had insanely high cholesterol. I hadn’t been taking the medication since the beginning of May and I wanted to give myself a month to “fix” myself. Of course, we would do excellently at the beginning of each week, but once the weekend came and we had work events and Pizza Friday, our progress was interrupted. We did manage to take the boys on several runs with us, but when we took all 4 to McAuliffe park and Jorge took the fast little ones (Jaylen and Justin) and I stayed behind with the older ones, Jorgie, Eenan and I realized we’d be the first to go during the zombie apocalypse lol.

Jorge and I continued our runs/walks while the kids were gone the beginning of summer (mine with Mario at Disney World and Jorge’s with his mom in Austin) but I just felt like I wasn’t doing enough. And then I started to get lazy again and stuffing my face after dinner while we watched TV.

When Emily had gotten sick 2 weeks ago and I’d taken her to the doctor, I went ahead and got my 3-month checkup. I called Laura for the results and she said I brought my cholesterol down significantly (which was better than I thought since the meals at my events at work weren’t exactly cholesterol-free). BUT, because it still wasn’t as low as they wanted, I still had to be on the pill. Boo.

I picked up my prescription, but I haven’t taken it. Yes, I know I should, but I really want to bring it down on my own!

The girls at work told me Tuesday 2 weeks ago that they started going to a new gym miss Alma told them about. I jumped in and said I’d join them, before I could psyche myself out and change my mind. So I went home and changed, made the family dinner and was on my way.  It was hard, but I was already feeling better just knowing I was doing something.

I’ve kept at it since and my Love even got me a Polar FT4 watch, which I’ve wanted FOREVER.

The watch I've wanted forever!
The watch I’ve wanted forever!

I’ve managed to lose 4 lbs in 2 weeks, so that’s pretty good. I switched classes and now go right after work with Alexis since going to class at 6:30 felt like I was wasting too much time. Now I can get home and make dinner and shower and be lazy with the kids :). I just hope we can keep it up. Our instructor is planning on switching locations and I think the new one may be too far :(.

I made breakfast for my love and I on Saturday and then Michelle and I got ready to attend the 11am class, but we arrived to find the gym closed =/. So we went to the park and worked out there instead. Did our own little circuit. Never did I think I’d be one of *those* people, but we were in our own little world and everyone else was in theirs :). And we burned a pretty good amount of calories for it just being us two doing our own thing!

I actually look forward to going to work now. I’d gotten to the point where I guess everyone gets to; when you just feel “blah” getting up every day, doing the same routine. And well, even though I’ve developed a new routine at least I know it’s a good one. Even Jorge said, “You’re in a much better mood all the time now!” He doesn’t like when I’m mopey and I’d been doing that a lot lately, probably because of the way I was eating and feeling. I guess they’re right about those endorphins and exercising!

So I’ve been waking up, getting ready for work, working, eating at work most of the week (while I track my calories on Myfitnesspal again. It’s a huge help!), get ready for the gym as soon as I’m out of work, go to the gym, head home, shower and make dinner while tending to the kids (or vice-versa; my Emmos is still very attached and wants attention as soon as I’m home). Then we relax and watch a show if possible and I usually crash out on the sofa right after I get the girls into the bath and put them to bed. Oh yes, and I get my stuff together for my morning smoothie, my lunch and my gym clothes (or else I’m scrambling around the next morning. I usually end up doing that one -_-). I’m hoping I can develop a bit more energy, as I was hoping I’d be able to stay up a little later hehe.

I hope we can keep it up. The girls and I encourage each other at work and even from home, on Facebook, hehe. Our gym is moving a little farther away, but I’m hoping to make it there till at least the 23rd, when my paid month is up. Gotta take advantage! We’ll see what happens after the month is up. I hope we can continue with something though!

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