The End of October

It’s been a crazy few weeks. What with the girls having their extracurricular activities and having to leave work at 4 p.m. almost everyday for them, and having to get costumes ready, bills, groceries and work, work, work–I feel like there really aren’t enough hours in the day. Best believe there’s been no time for working out or hobbies 🙁 .

But as tired and busy as I’ve  been (and oftentimes: overwhelmed) I’m glad that work events, activities with the kids and life in general have gone pretty smoothly.

Sally invited us to her and her friends’ Halloween party. We get invited every year, but for  some reason or another, haven’t made it. 

After paying bills and running  errands on a Saturday, the girls and I went to a thrift shop that I  used to frequent a lot about 10 years  ago. 

I had to figure out a costume for THAT evening because only I would buy my costume in September and try it on 3 weeks later only to find that it was completely see-through (and I could have done with losing about 10 pounds! That thing was skin tight!) The family is going with a Star Wars theme for Mia’s birthday this year, so no Princess Leia for me. Instead, I was going to figure out how to be an Ewok! Wicket, to be exact.

Emily unearthed this plastic turkey that we had an exact copy of  when I was little. Mom also  had a Santa and Rudolph! Of course it came home with us (not like I need more junk 😆 !)

Just as I was about to give up on finding something, I couldn’t believe my luck! Not only did I find the perfect  teddy bear to behead for his ears, but I also found some burnt orange fabric and brown plush fabric to match the ears! We got home and I  got to work while I made dinner. 

I realized I DID NOT know how to sew a skirt, especially since the fabric really was some type of plush upholstery, but I tried my best and put something together within an hour. I’m happy to say everyone knew exactly who I was!

Darth Vader and Wicket the Ewok
Sally and me 🙂

Jorge and I are both a bit socially awkward when we don’t know people, so we didn’t think we’d stick around long but we ended up staying a good 1.5 hours! (Ooh, party animals!)

We had our Wine Classic event that was “The Great Gatsby” themed so I had to figure out how to run all these errands at work AND find myself a 1920’s looking dress! So of course I would run to thrift shops during lunch to find pieces to make this outfit possible. I ended up finding a black lace dress with beige liner and a kid’s-size flapper dress I wanted to cut the fringe off of. When I finally got around to working on the dress…the fringe wasn’t enough! So I conceded to the fact that I’d have to actually purchase some downtown. Meh.

So I found the fringe on one of our craft-shopping trips, and I found my shoes and headwear later downtown as well. I was literally working on my dress, hand-sewing the fringe during my lunch hour that same day!

I rushed around finishing things at work and rushed off to Quinta Mazatlan to help Gerry. I was posted at the silent auction room like I am every year 🙂 . Where all the yummy desserts are!

I’m proud of myself for maintaining control of myself throughout the event, but now that I’m looking at the photos, I’m having major regrets about not tasting everything 🙁 !!

Anyway, my outfit worked out (the fringe never unraveled!) and I managed to throw my hair into an up-do that sort of made sense. (It actually worked out much better during my trial-run at home!):

My plummage and fringe!
My plummage and fringe!
The view outside

It was an awesome event, Gerry always outdoes herself! Clean-up was crazy but seemingly fast and Gerry, Ryan and I ended up having our actual dinner at 1am at Whataburger, hehe.

Briana, Dina and the kids had arrived while I was working the previous day. We got up and got ready to have Mia’s 7th birthday party, Star Wars themed! Briana goes all out! It was a crazy whirlwind of going to Walmart, getting tables and chairs, attempting to help Briana with snacks (my Jello brain was good, the white chocolate I bought for our pretzel mummies was so bad! Stick with the good stuff, even if it’s more expensive. Then we had to get ourselves and all the kids ready, but the end-result was awesome! Jorge, Briana and the kids even did the Imperial March as the big open 😆 !

Grpup Pic!

It’s a good thing I got a group photo!! The boys lasted all but 15 minutes in their costumes!

My mom-in-law!
Me with my sis-in-law!
The birthday girl, Mia, who wasn’t in the mood for photos, ’cause, hello, MOONJUMP!
My 2 little ladies, Rey and Captain Phasma. Rey didn’t want her accessories most of the time!
There they are!
Star Wars Bingo!
Happy birthday to Mia!
My BFF and me!

It was so fun! Glad Sally and the kiddos got to make it, too! I never got around to trimming the “hood” of my costume (it was supposed to be v-shaped at the front *sigh*), but all-in-all, it was a blast and the kids were chocolate-wasted and strewn all over the place. Love those family gatherings!


Late March/early April were huge for us at work. In our usual manner, we planned 3 large events in the course of 2 weeks; 2 of them being 3 days apart.

I was stressed, especially with Taste McAllen, which is my baby. We had lots of changes and this new concept was being unveiled for the 1st time, ever. I was praying for the best!

The day of the event just so happened to be the HOTTEST day this spring so far! I couldn’t believe our luck. I felt so nervous and just unprepared, even though we’d stayed late Tuesday and Wednesday to make sure we had absolutely everything we’d need. It’s just my anxious personality, I guess!

We were at the event site since very early, which is probably why I felt like I had heat exhaustion at least twice 😳 . I’m pretty sure my boss had it. And even though we were missing a canopy at registration and our registration staff got all messed up (I ended up at registration!), I have to say, thanks to everyone’s help, the event was pretty close to amazing, if I do say so myself!

The VIP Area!

The Main Stage

(Didn’t get to snap a photo of Ram Danesse singing because this was when I got stuck at registration. Meh.)

The Chef's Fire Pit

So sad I didn’t get to try anything from the Pit!

The Chefs in Action

The Crowd!
Dairy Queen!
The Lunch Box on 10th
With my Loves!! It was so HOT!!
So lovely! I was so proud!
Macroon Ice Cream Sandwich from CC's Sweets!
The Chef's Fire Pit at Night
Chef Larry in Action!
House.Wine & SALT

Steve Molina at Stage 2


See? What did I tell ya?? It was awesome!! Worth the blood, sweat and tears 😆 !!

The VIP Section at the end of the night.

The next evening was Music After Hours & Craft Fair. I took a few photos for the Food Park Facebook page and went to Kohl’s to get some jeans for the BBQ the next day (priorities). Lisa told me she and her mom were heading to the food trucks so I rushed back, but I was too late, they were gone. I was kidless, Jorge was still working and it started becoming cold so I got some nachos from Planet Munchies and went home. Since the BBQ was happening at the Food Park, the trucks parked right next to the curb at Archer Park. It gave it such an awesome feel!

Food Trucks and Crafts

Jorge and I hung out at home and then we were up bright and early the next chilly morning! Everyone that had arrived when I did were all buzzing around, cleaning, getting things ready. Then it was time to go to our posts. Mine was at the judges’ room, like it has been the past 2 years. I like it there: air conditioning, time goes by fast, the girls and I are like well-oiled machines AND we get first dibs at pan de campo :love: !

I didn’t get to get photos of the event, or the food since we were busy, but I got a pic with Michelle and Rosie when I finally made it outside.


We cleaned up and the event was over so I went home and Jorge got home from work and we went to Feldman’s to get some drinks and watch Grey’s Anatomy 😀 .

Our boss took us to breakfast on Monday morning and I got home to these beautiful, adorable faces!


We had Latina Hope Wednesday and EZ, Michelle and I went to Red Lobster afterwards.

Jorge and I went to the Lunchbox on 10th on Thursday, one of our exhibitors from Taste McAllen.



Friday was our golf tournament. I got to be in the Margarita tent this time and it was a blast! It drizzled awhile and became really humid but it was a great day once the sky became overcast.

Near the La Costa tent, too!
The girls and me! Don't mind my crazy bun!

It was a great time and whizzed by. I got my dinner burger to go once we were done cleaning up and picked up a botana (per Mom’s request) on the way home 🙂 .

It’a always nerve-wracking before our events (especially when it falls directly under me!) but the end result is usually pretty badass.