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2-Year Post-Op Breast Reduction/Lift Surgery Update

Today marks 2 years since I decided to have breast reduction/lift surgery!! It was one of the best, most awful experiences of my life 😆 .

Since last year, not much has changed, except that I’d started Keto-ing on April 30, 2017 and have lost some firmness (fat?) in my boobies, so they aren’t as full but still look perky and great without a bra.

(Before and after Keto pic)

I haven’t been working out at all, unfortunately, since about July 2017–sometime before we went on our vacation at the beach. But I’m sort of afraid of what will happen if I DO start working out again and being 100% Keto–will I TOTALLY lose my boobs or will they become flabby?? Has anyone had any experience with this? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

I very happily cruised through summer wearing dresses with no straps, braless!

I have a whole collection now, and I want more LOL. This would have been IMPOSSIBLE pre-surgery and pre-weightloss. There would have been no support and no strapless bra could have held those knockers up!

Speaking of clothes: HOODIES. I love me some hoodies now, which I could never wear before without looking like a little round ball.

I’m still not wearing “normal” bras, and honestly, I haven’t even tried to get sized and look for some in a long time since I’m pretty comfortable with my Jockey Bralettes. But there are some blouses I can’t wear since they’re lower-cut and a bra is required and my current bras just don’t look all that flattering 😕 , so I need to find a comfy alternative.

In my sleep, I have subconsciously turned almost all the way over on my boobs (I used to be a stomach sleeper, pre-surgery) and woke up pretty sore. I do sleep on my sides a lot, though and end up crushing a boob 😕 .

In the last 3 months or so I started feeling little trickles of pain towards the end of the month, and then I realized it’s soreness before menstruation! I hadn’t felt that in a while and am really hoping that that’s the height of the pain I’ll feel. It used to be horrible before 😕 !

My scarring is TONS better, but they are still probably more visible than they should be due to the weird allergic reaction/rash scars I have and the scar I got from the draining with the scalpel that they had to do.

Wish I could find better comparison photos. But that pink-blouse photo (circa December 2015, 1.5 months before my surgery) haunted me, and even then, I still didn’t bother losing weight till 2017, which is the photo on the right.

So all-in-all, I can’t complain! I feel the most comfortable in my skin than I have in…well, ever, I think!!

I’ve considered getting a tummy tuck,–eventually, when I know I can stick to exercising and eating Keto (these holidays have KILLED me because I’ve got no chill) and knowing the weight will stay off. I’d gained 5 pounds of the 18 I’d lost on Keto since I started back in April, and now I’ve still got 3 of those 5 pounds to go and I can tell that it all goes to my lower belly and ARMS. BUT. The possibility of getting another allergic reaction scares the crap out of me, because the 2 surgeries I’ve had (Tubal Ligation and the Breast Reduction/Lift) have both caused me to have weird reactions that hinder my recovery. So, I’d have to be EXTREMELY sure of that decision, and I’ve have to go to a recommended surgeon.

But anyway, yes, this is still the best decision I could have ever made, complications and all!

1-Year Post-Op Breast Reduction Surgery Anniversary

February 10, 2017 marks exactly 1 year since my nerve-wracking, but long-awaited decision of getting a breast reduction/lift surgery.

I’ve read other women’s blogs retelling their experiences while they decided to and then experienced their breast reduction surgery and recoveries, and many seem to have been much easier and faster recoveries than mine was. 😕

I had a severe allergic reaction to the steri-strip tape used to cover my incisions. Extremely severe; probably one of the worst my plastic surgeon had ever seen, and it hindered my recovery by months.

I couldn’t run anymore, do yoga, or work out in general because it seemed like every time I did, a new problem would arise. The problem wasn’t always because I worked out or overexerted myself, it just always happened to take place when I would. It did become a little depressing, to say the least.

I gained weight during my extended recovery–because, although I wasn’t working out, I didn’t change my eating habits, which are that of a teenage boy. (Managing a Food Truck park as part of your job doesn’t help, either!) I lost 2.8 lbs. of breast tissue, but I’ve gained about 5 lbs. back. People usually roll their eyes at me about this but take into consideration that I’m only 4’11” tall, and 5 lbs. on me is like 20 lbs. on a “normal-height” person. But anyway, I have finally, fully recovered and now I can focus on working on the rest of myself :). (Well, when work and family life lend me the opportunity!)

I still have sudden twitches of pains in my breasts, but nothing severe. It happens mostly at night, when I wake up with soreness after sleeping on my sides and squishing my boobs 😕 . But I feel like they’ve “settled” in nicely, although they’re softer than I would have imagined, but they are crafted with my own skin tissue and fat, so, heh. It’s also nice to get home from work and not have to put up with wearing a heavy, underwire bra to relax. It’s even NICER to sit bra-less and not feel my large, heavy boobs touching the top of my stomach (gosh, how I hated that!). 😡

I hadn’t had any weird occurrences, like when I’d go for a walk or run and feel this insane itchiness on my side-boob incisions, and they ended up being these weird, mosquito-bite-like welts. Hadn’t happened in months, and then I got one this past Monday (February 13th). (Photo. Slightly NSFW and NSFS (not safe for the squeamish).)

It’s not the best lighting or photo, but that’s what the welts usually look like. Always at the very end of the incision.
I’ve been under a lot of work-related stress, so maybe those welts have to do with stress and not anything surgery-related?

I’m still NOT wearing regular bras, not even the type that are wire free. I’ve stuck with my thin-strapped sports bras from Wal-mart, only because I’ve tried shopping for bras that fit twice and didn’t have much luck because I kept feeling them press on my incisions. These are much more comfy anyway :D. But I’m hoping to go back and try to find some soon!

[Edited to say:] Jorge bought me some Jockey brand sports-type bras from Macy’s to try out during a sale and they are THE BEST!! They actually accentuate your shape (doesn’t create the “uni-boob” like my other sports bras!) and they come with removable pads! Since the surgery, my nips seem to have a mind of their own,  so those little pads come in handy and they aren’t bulky!).

I still have that small “band” of numbness on the right side of my right breast, and sometimes it feels really icky when I accidentally rub it or when Jorge forgets and grazes me there, but all-in-all, I’m satisfied and relieved that I still have most of the feeling back in my breasts and nipples.

The scars around my areolas itch ridiculously every once in a while, but it’s noy very often. Scar tissue?

I have NO BACK PAIN!! Nothing at all like I used to have, except for when I’m PMS’ing of course, but I got so used to trying to “hide” my large breasts by slumping forward that I still find myself slouching a lot.

Although I didn’t have the automatically happy, relieved experience as other women have described who’ve had this procedure, I AM happy I got it done. Overall, my self-confidence got a little boost and I’m definitely not self-conscious about what I look like in my clothes anymore (well, not when it comes to my boobs anyway!). It’s definitely a plus not having to tug at my blouses, or bras, or cardigans or push the girls back into the bra-cup when they decide they’re going to spill out when picking something up off the floor. Wearing dresses and not looking pregnant is another plus!

I don’t have terrible back pain or red-raw skin under my breasts or on my shoulders anymore from the heavy bras cutting into my skin.

Another thing I love: I can wear non-zip hoodie sweaters without looking like a large pumpkin on legs because of my boobs!! I’ve NEVER in my life been able to wear those types of hoodies. These are just some of the things I can remember off the top of my head that women with normal-sized boobs don’t have to put up with!

So for anyone who is looking for advice on where to start:

1. I had a visit with my OB/GYN for my yearly exam in September 2015 and she’s the one who asked if I’d ever considered surgery, since my shoulders and skin under my breasts had angry, red indentations and were even raw in some places. I told her yes, that if I had the money, I would have gotten it done back when I was 17. She said she would document my back pain, and the raw and indented skin and would refer me to a plastic surgeon for a consultation.
2. At the consultation, I didn’t know what to expect. They make you disrobe from the neck to your belly and the doctor marks and measures from your collar bones to nipples, etc., and takes photos to submit to your insurance to confirm if they’ll cover your surgery or not. It is quite unnerving if you’re not used to strangers tugging and grabbing at you, heh. All insurances are different, but I’ve heard that most of the time, they cover 80% and you’re responsible for 20%. It took about 2 weeks to hear back from the insurance, and then my insurance with work changed in October 2015, so the doctor had to resubmit my paperwork to the new insurance company. It took another 3 weeks to hear back and they were ready to schedule me that week in November, but because of work, I opted to take time off in February 2016.

3. Make sure that you are fully aware of what to expect before, during and after surgery. My doctor gave me a pamphlet with tons of information on what to expect, plus the do’s and don’t’s. This is also the time to perhaps get checked for any allergies you may have, most specifically, for latex or steri-strip tape. (I wish I’d had the sense to do that!) Do your own research, but be careful if you’re a hypochondriac like me! I made sure to write down all my questions and concerns and even though I was sort of embarrassed, made sure to get answers for each one from my doc.

4. You will need help, lots of it! You’ll need someone to stay with you after the surgery, and of course to drive you home and to stay with you afterwards. You don’t realize how much you use your arm and chest muscles throughout the day! I recommend getting a very soft, small pillow to hold against you on the drive home. The seat-belt and bumps in the road are MURDER on your chest. Once I was able to drive about 2 weeks post-op, I drove around with my little red heart pillow for a good 5-6 months.

5. Post-surgery: Make sure you get your meds filled by your pharmacy as soon as possible. You will want to take your meds without fail as soon as the anesthesia starts wearing off. I got a pill even before I left the hospital because I could feel the waves of pain coming. Have things ready to distract you (after a few days of sleeping off the meds). Have some Netflix shows on queue and books ready. (This is when my love affair with Scandal came to be.) You will need help getting into your bed, off of your bed, to the bathroom, changing clothes, etc. You will sleep, a lot. Also: you will need to pee A LOT that first night. Probably all the saline leaving your body. Ask for help!

6. Speaking of post-anesthesia: you will most likely be intubated during surgery. I had a croaky voice, but even worse: my throat was irritated and I kept having to cough! It was painful on my chest :(. You will also feel nauseous for a couple of days due to the anesthesia. I could only eat very little cereal, or a few spoonfuls of soup, if even that before the nausea kicked in.

7. You will also need someone to bring you meals, or even open your bottles of water to take your meds! I wasn’t told to stay away from the stove, but I’ve heard others that have. Mainly because you can’t lift your arms too much or feeling numb and having burners on don’t mix!

8. You won’t be able to take a shower for 1 week, no joke. I’ve spoken to several people and read several blogs and it’s all the same. You can’t shower for a week. Make sure you have a healthy amount of wipees for wipee baths and dry shampoo for your hair!

9. Speaking of, you’ll be instructed not to lift your arms, so you will need forward-closing bras. My doctor didn’t give me much information about what types, and because of my allergic reaction I could only wear cotton bras, but most women use forward-closing sports bras. Later on, when I could lift my arms, I wore the Hanes brand sports bras with thin straps from Walmart. They come in a pack of 3. Since then, I have fallen in love with the nylon Jockey brand sports bras with removable pads.

If I remember anything else, I will update here.

These are just a few tips about my own personal experience. Please consult your doctors for the best advice on pre- and post-operation information.

You can read about my full experience here:













That One Time I Had Breast Reduction Surgery – Recovery Week 3

Wednesday, February 24 – Day 14, Post-Op
I guess I took so long between hydrocortisone, Benadryl and my Ibuprofen that I was really red and irritated by the time I showered at 10:30 p.m. last night. I was really uncomfortable but managed to sleep well enough. I did wake up one time because Emily had leg pains and wanted Motrin and another time because my arm was numb and tingly (need to ask the doc about that at my follow-up on Friday!).

I was really itchy when I woke up and then sore when I got to work. I wore a dress that was flattering when I had big boobs, but now that they’re smaller you can tell I need to work on my “abs” 😆 . I can’t wait to be better!

Emily’s 7th birthday is today so I’m taking my lunch hour later and meeting her dad at the school for her cupcake party with her classmates.


After Emily’s cupcake party and dropping the girls off with Mom before I went back to work, the girls’ backpacks were in the back of the truck so I had to open the hatch…and I let go so it flew up. I had no choice but to raise my right arm and close it. Sure enough, by the time I got back to work I was feeling an uncomfortable spasm of pain, which only added to the intense soreness I felt all day. Several of my co-workers noticed I wasn’t myself and was kind of reserved since I was breathing through the soreness/itchiness all day. Not even the 2nd coat of hydrocortisone helped after noontime. I just felt uncomfortable and mopey all day. Gerry and Rosie both said I should have been off this week, too. I thought I would be well enough to make it through, but I feel exhausted and it’s Wednesday. I think I may just take tomorrow and Friday and see what the doc says at my appointment. Time to take my meds and go to sleep.

Thursday, February 25 – Day 15 Post-Op
I took the day off work after all. Relaxed most of the day and was relieved that I wasn’t experiencing that strange soreness; the one where even my blouse or hair cause me to become anxious.

I had to pick all the kids up since Jorge isn’t here, and pick up groceries and more Benadryl and non-stick gauze (I’m happy they finally stocked them again!), so my drive was literally about 3 hours long. Or more. Then I had to make dinner. Exhausted is an understatement. And the itchiness. Oh. My. God. I was on fire from the itch by the time we made it home.

As soon as all the kids were showered and I finally got a minute to sit on the sofa my boobs started throbbing. I showered and became even itchier from having to wash the old hydrocortisone from my incisions. My newer sports bras are all dirty and we got home too late to wash so I’m wearing an old one I hardly ever used because it was too small. Hopefully I’ll be alright in it.

When I was looking at my incisions after my shower I noticed a spot opened where the vertical and horizontal incisions intersect 🙁 . I read that when those types of openings happen, it’s usually very hard for them to close up in that area. There was even a pinhead-sized white spot in that opening that worries me. That, on top of the blisters possibly spreading (I swear there’s a lot more new ones popping up), I feel really discouraged and disappointed.

My skin seems to also be peeling in some spots. I have a list of questions to ask my doc at my follow up tomorrow. I just want this rash to go away so I can heal properly.

Saturday, February 27 – Day 17 Post-Op
Didn’t update at all yesterday, but I stayed home from work again. Had to drop Jorgie, Justin and Jules off at school in the morning since Jorge was working out of town. Then I dropped the girls off. (John dropped Eenan and Jaylen off.) After the long drive I went to my appointment at my plastic surgeon’s office. I still felt uncomfortably–and sometimes desperately–itchy, and still had the small shocks of pain and the crazy sensitive skin.

I changed into a gown and Doc checked me out. I noticed he had a poker face going on. He asked, “What are you putting on it?” I said, “What you prescribed: hydrocortisone and taking Benadryl.” He surveys my incisions and rash and says, “How many times do you put the hydrocortisone?” I answered, “What it says on the box, no more than 4 times a day.”

He said, “That’s way too much! Bring it down to 2 times a day. What soap are you using?” I said, “Dial antibacterial,” and he says, “Oh no! Don’t use antibacterial soaps. It may have caused more irritation. Stick to Dove sensitive.” Which is ironic because that’s the soap I used to use! Both those chunks of advice would have been ideal to hear last week!

I told him about the weird numbness in my arms, but he checked me out and said that and the chills, aren’t related to the surgery. Well hell. I also told him about the suture that’s poking out of my right nip and he said it should dissolve on it’s own. My left nip is now leaky, which is weird, cause it hadn’t done that. I told him about the opening at the “T” intersection, but he said that’s the last part that heals, so it was normal. Woah.

I asked him if the bra I was using was fine and he said yes. So that was it. Went to HEB to stock up on more non-stick gauze, hydrocortisone, Dove Sensitive and Vitamin C.

Spent the day not moving much and hardly applied hydrocortisone. I was itchy so I took Benadryl, but the pains I was having the day before were minimal and so was the soreness. Mom and I watched “Fuller House” till Linda arrived and we went to visit Gramma. She’s been having some issues at the nursing home so everyone’s trying to get to the bottom of why she’s been anxious and scared 🙁 .

We got back and continued our Fuller House marathon will I had to get ready to go to Jaylen’s track meet. It would be another hour and a 1/2 or more I’d spend driving. The bumps and potholes don’t bother me as much, but I still have to press my heart pillow against my chest, just in case.

The trek up the stadium bleachers was tough, but I made it. Met Mario and the girls there (he picked them up from school and went straight there). Jaylen ended up being pulled out of the races 😡 so we left to Mario’s house to pick up Eenan and the girls. Jaylen wouldn’t get out till 9:30 or 10:00 so I would pick him up this morning.

By the time I got home, I was beat. Jorgie, Justin and Jules were dropped off by their mom and Jorge arrived a short time later. It felt like he was gone forever =/.

Woke up this morning at 7:30 to Jules coughing so I got up to give him cough medicine. Then I couldn’t sleep from the itching. Jorge had to go pick up a key so I stayed home and ate cereal. Then I took Benadryl and was falling asleep all over again. Thankfully, Jorge drove to pick up Jaylen from Mario’s work.

Been feeling itchy, sometimes unbearably, but I’m powering through =/. Applied hydrocortisone reluctantly, but the girls were attending a party at Get Air so I didn’t want to feel miserable away from home. The girls all had a blast and Jenny and I chit-chatted while we watched them :).


Next we went to find supplies Alaethia needs for a project. We went to the 99 Cent Store and found what she needed, and of course you can’t walk out of there without snacks and random stuff, like supplies for work 😆 .

We went to Gramma’s and she was in good spirits, thank goodness. I helped her get her snacks ready: an empanada and Peeps Linda had taken to her. She offered the girls some and they happily obliged.


We visted for about 45 minutes and she was in a good mood. She keeps telling Linda and Aunt Nora that she’s scared, but she doesn’t do that with me 😕 .

We got home and the little ones wanted to play bowling in the driveway. It was windy, so they didn’t get to play too much. The ice cream man was passing by and we ran inside for some cash. The whole fam hung out outside eating our ice creams. We even got an extra one for free for being good customers, heh.

Jaylen, trying to escape the photo!

John and his girlfriend, Johanna, arrived shortly after. She brought us brownies and they were delish. The kids devoured them! She’s adorable, and she gets our insane sense of humor so that’s a plus 🙂 .

We ordered Domino’s for dinner, which was a relief. Still haven’t taken Ibuprofen, Benadryl or hydrocortisone yet, but I don’t want to apply another coat until I shower. The most uncomfortable parts are at the end of my left/right incision near my underarm (I swear there are new blisters) and under each breast (those BURN!). Ugh. Ayudame Dios!

So itchy. But I don’t want to think about it!!

Sunday, February 28 – Day 18 Post-Op
Jorge woke me up earlier than I would have liked, but I think I’m slightly less itchy? I haven’t applied hydrocortisone yet but I may take Benadryl just in case. I feel a little less soreness, too, but it’s still early so I won’t count my chickens.

It’s past 5 and I’ve managed to go so far without applying hydrocortisone OR taking Benadryl! I’m slightly itchy, but not like before. I hope it stays that way. Still have some soreness/sensitivity when anything brushes against my chest, and hurts when we hit really deep potholes. And my left nip has been, er, leaky 😳 . Keep having to change the gauze. It’s worrisome but apparently normal for now.

Definitely counted my chickens before they hatched 🙁 .I started getting unbearably itchy around 9pm (right after The Walking Dead), on each side under my underarms and near my left nipple. I undressed to shower and noticed I had more NEW rash bumps near my left nipple. When I showered I noticed my left areola, the one that’s been leaking, had red bumps all over it, like the rash! I’m worried. Jorge says I should go to the doc in the morning but I’m supposed to report to work!

Monday, February 29 – Day 19 Post-Op
I woke up and got myself and all the kids ready. Did the 1 1/2 hr. drive to drop them off. Called the doc because of my new complications and he prescribed Bactrim (?). Can’t remember, but he didn’t like the fact that my nipple was leaky to the point where I needed gauze all the time.

Work was alright. Even though at some points I wanted to rip my skin off from how itchy I was, and through the shooting pains I occasionally get on my nips and the sides where the incisions end under each armpit. I didn’t take any medication at all, nor did I apply hydrocortisone but I probably should have in hindsight, I felt so awful. But I concentrated on my work, and Michelle and I went to lunch, and later on went shopping with Latina Hope ladies and Thelma. I had to go grocery shopping after work, then unload (the girls helped me). My love was working on repairs in the bathroom while we visited Gramma and he made chili for dinner 🙂 .

I think my nip and areola looked better tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying I can get over this and just concentrate on healing the actual wounds.

Tuesday, March 1 – Day 20 Post-Op
Jorge and I stayed up late last night. Erm. Let’s just say my poor husband has been a very patient man. They aren’t kidding when they tell you intimacy must be put on the back burner. But we’re troopers 😆 !

Anyway, woke up this morning feeling like I needed 8 more hours of sleep, but I really didn’t feel too bad from my boobies. The right side near the armpit was what I noticed upon waking was sore.

After dropping the girls off and opening at work, I started feeling little pangs of pain suddenly near the right armpit 😕 . Answering the phone the first 2 hours of work (front desk duty), and constant work made me exhausted by 1pm and I took 1 Ibuprofen. BUT, I didn’t need hydrocortisone nor Benadryl during work. Now that I’m calming down from the day, sitting waiting for the girls to get out of their dance, class I’m feeling soreness near both nips and on the outer sides. I haven’t looked at them all day at work since my chiffon top is sheer and I’m wearing a fitted cami under. I hope they’re better!!