That One Time I Had Breast Reduction Surgery – Recovery Week 2

Wednesday, February 17 – Day 8, Post-Op
8:14 a.m.
My follow up appointment with my surgeon is today. I may just get to see what my bewbs look like today!

Woke up around 6am, again. Darn alarm in my brain. My chest was in pain, mostly the left side so I had to walk around sort of supporting the bottom of my boob to keep the pain at bay. Nothing major, but noticeable.

Was able to help the girls get ready and brush their hair (very slowly, no ponytails, though) and make myself my coffee and 2 eggs. I forgot to ask Jorge to take my clothes down from the closet πŸ™ . It still hurts to reach “up”.

I keep getting those pains, now under the left and center πŸ™ . Really nervous about it hurting when they remove my bandages. Waiting around like:

I couldn’t stand the pain by the time I got to the doc’s office. Every bump in the road was agony. They took us right in, all the girls friendly, asking how I was doing. My doc comes right in and gets right down to peeling all the tape off, warning me when he would rip a piece off. It was itchy and painful in some spots.

Time for the big reveal. As soon as all the tape and guaze was off he said, “They’re beautiful!! And I don’t usually say that so soon!”

He said they were healing well. It was crazy looking in the mirror and seeing tiny boobies! I turned and caught a glimpse of Jorge’s expression, honestly nervous at his reaction. But he smiled a genuine smile πŸ™‚ *whew*!!

Doc said my little tapes on my nips would fall off in the shower and my sutures should fall off too. If they didn’t, he’d remove them at my next appointment in 2 weeks.

There’s still swelling in the middle and on each side of my breast, but as soon as all that guaze and tape was off I instantly felt better! I wasn’t expecting for the scar under my breasts to be so long; they literally go from one side to the other. But I did have pretty big boobs and I’m sure they had to get rid of a lot of excess.

They told me to change, and to my horror, I was now braless! Jorge said, “Uh-oh, now what are you going to do?!” The girls saw me walk out with my hands covering my boobs and they offered us some bras, which ironically are from a company I work with at work! The lady had told me to pick any type of undergarment I wanted cause I was always nice to her :). I need to take her up on her offer!

The bra is front-closing but it bothers my incision sites so they told me to put guaze. We are on our way to Wal-Mart so I can hopefully find some cute bras πŸ˜€ !

My post didn’t update earlier, but when we finally got home from Wal-Mart and I was about to take my glorious shower…I had to wait a whole hour in my robe for the hot water to be hot again. Mom and the girls had already beat me and used the hot water!

When I finally did shower, it was hard to raise my arms to wash and condition my hair. I was afraid to put my boobs underwater, but I did and it was great! I couldn’t reach my back so my love washed it for me. I made sure to dry myself well and even air-dried. I felt so much better, except for the intense itching I was feeling where the gauze tape was ripped off. All I want to do is scratch. And I have their weird little bubble right in the center but not on the incisions that’s REALLY itchy. We realized my sports bra was too tight so Jorge and I went back to return it. I got 2 more: a cotton one with the forward clasps, and a black, soft pullover one. It feels much better and there’s minimal pain, but I do feel it more on the left side, which is really bruised. I just want to scratch still!

Thursday, February 18 – Day 9, Post-Op
I woke up at 3:45am, not being able to sleep anymore. I was itchy again in the center and under my left breast. My nip on the left side is also VERY itchy. The only itching I feel on the right is near my underarm. I very softly rub the itch when it feels unbearable.

There was a bit of oozing on the left side. 3 little dots, but I stuck some non-stick gauze under my sports bra.

Looking for ways to remove the sticky tape residue, since I forgot to buy some while at Wal-Mart yesterday. No pain on the right side, shooting pains on the left. Only taking 400mg of Motrin. Am going to give driving a shot today. I’m nervous about the bumpy roads and seat belt πŸ™ .

Still freaking out over wearing a tank top and zip-up sweater and there’s so much room!!

I’m also able to finally feel good enough/less pain that I can mostly walk with good posture, and briskly. I was walking like a hunchback before because it hurt to stretch myself up, and very, very slowly.

Been enjoying my convos with mom and Linda the past week. Today John chimed in.

Fearfully drove to pick up Alaethia from her UIL party. Jorge left me his car and took my truck, and of course it was on empty 😑 . So that made my experience a little more challenging .

The bumps weren’t as much of a big deal. Not sure if it was because I was the driver this time or because of the little soft heart pillow I carefully stuck between my chest and seat belt. What did hurt was turning and closing the doors πŸ˜• .

Next I took the girls to and from their dance class. I was exhausted.

I don’t know if it was the drive, or if my white, front-closing bra I brought at Wal-Mart was irritating me, but I was in this desperate, itchy pain. Especially on my left side. I changed out ny non-stick gauze and realized I was oozing a few drops here and there, but what struck me as odd was how red I was. So I called my doc’s office and they said oozing was normal, but to go in if I developed a fever or the ooze turned to blood.

So I changed bras and stuck more non-stick gauze in there.

Jorge was home already, Mario was dropping the boys off and Jorgie, Justin and Jules were being dropped off by their mother as we were arriving.

We took the little ones to Build-a-Bear, as we’d planned, for their birthdays. They had a blast!




Unfortunately it took me forever to get everywhere. When we got home, the kiddos ate pizza with mom, and Jorge and I went to Walmart to get a few more supplies and gauze.

Needless to say, I was beat. I got into the bathroom to shower and carefully removed my gauze pads. I was horrified by how red and bad it looked. I cried a little, from the pain and nerves and I just felt awful that I had finally gotten this procedure done and it was going all wrong.

I ended up wearing an old baggy sports bra, so hopefully I’ll feel better with less irritation. I just hope it doesn’t move up into my incision πŸ™ !

Friday, February 19 – Day 10, Post-Op
So I slept in nothing but my undies and my sports bra last night. Didn’t even place the non-stick gauze on the incisions to let the skin breathe, like Jorge said. I almost slept through the night but woke up at 4am feeling itchy, but definitely not as bad as I felt before bed.

Still, got all the kids up and ready this morning and braced myself for the long drive dropping them off at school. It still hurts to reach and pull the car door closed. It hurts to make a turn but my little pillow helped with the bumps.

As soon as it was 8:00am, I called my doctor. They told me to go right in, so I did and they took me in immediately, thank goodness.

He askes what was wrong and I told him how much pain and itching I was having. Told him I even cried and thought it was the bra causing friction and irritation, maybe from driving? He said, “I’m going to rip off all the tape to get a better look.” I said, “Is it going to hurt?” And he said, “No not really,” and yanked it all off. Yes, it did hurt. I cringed and shut my eyes and was certain that when I’d open them I’d find my nips hanging on the tape!

As soon as he saw the incisions he said, “Well, it’s not an infection. You’re having an allergic reaction to either the surgical tape or the bra you were wearing, or something you came into contact with. Take Benadryl, put hydrocortisone on the red parts of your skin and wash and dry normally. Don’t put any other ointments and I’ll see you in one week.”

So I went to Wal-Mart and got more of the same type of bra, new towels and all the meds I’d need.

Came home and John helped me wash everything and now that the towels are finally dry, I can shower!!

Saturday, February 20 – Day 11, Post-Op
So I spent a lot of the afternoon yesterday feeling drowsy from the Benadryl. The angry, red rash wasn’t as red by the evening thanks to both the Benadryl and hydrocortisone, but it’s still a scary sight πŸ™ . And still itches once the meds start wearing off πŸ™ .

I did manage to make it to my event at work, Food Park Unplugged, and it was great to get out of the house besides going to Walmart. The weather was perfect and the music was awesome :).


Can’t wait for the next one!

We got home and I quickly took my Benadryl and smeared a fresh coat of hydrocortisone on all the red parts. I’m a bit nervous because there’s a separation at the bottom of my left nip. It looked raw and was oozing. I put a fresh non-stick gauze pad on it just in case.

I woke up this morning feeling itchy but couldn’t take anything other than my Motrin since I’d be driving. The opening at the bottom of my left nip looked a tad more closed up, but was still oozing and hasn’t completely scabbed over.

Driving has gotten a little better; hitting potholes I don’t see or sudden bumps don’t make me cringe as much. Still driving around with my little pillow separating my boobs from the seat belt.

The girls had fun at Blanca’s granddaughter’s birthday party. Us adult girls did, too, what with so many goodies, and I was starving since I hadn’t had breakfast.





They had a great time!

I did some grocery shopping (there hasn’t been proper shopping done since I was out of commission!). Got home and Mom helped me unload and put everything away. By then my rash was itching like crazy and my boobs were sore πŸ˜• . I’m thinking all the walking and having them bounce around is what did it (the soreness).

We visited Gramma for a good while and then we came home and I took my Benadryl. Amazingly, I’m still awake!

Could never take a "selfie" like this before! My boobs would make me self-conscious and I'd have to crop it!

Sunday, February 21 – Day 12, Post-Op
Got a call last night that my poor Alaethia chipped her front tooth while at her dad’s πŸ™ . Wish I could see her.

Woke up feeling slightly itchy, but with a lot less pain. The opening at the bottom of my left nip finally closed up, thank God. Where the angry redness was, now there is pimply-looking bumps. I didn’t take Benadryl or Ibuprofen till 2pm, so that’s progress. The itchiest parts now are under the right boob near my armpit, near the bottom of my left nip, on the top left and in the center. I am so used to hiding my big boobies by pressing my arms to my side that I still do it and in turn I hurt my incisions. I can’t wait for this rash to go away πŸ™ !!

Also, realized there’s an area of numbness on the right side of my right breast πŸ™ . My friend warned me about this, and I was expecting something like that but it is shocking to experience it. My skin, mostly at the top of each boob, feels really sensitive to the touch and I have to pull open my sports bra just to get some air and relief. However, the pain isn’t too bad. Have only had to take Ibuprofen the one time. The only really itchy area right now is above my left nip and on the right side near the armpit. That one’s been bothering me all day πŸ˜• .

I showered and I think I feel itchier than before. I just want to scream from how frustrated this is making me feel :'(! I can’t stand how ugly the bumps look, either. I noticed a suture is sticking out from the bottom of my right nip and that’s why it won’t heal and keeps oozing. And I also think there’s a small separation happening in the scar under my left boob. Feeling really mopey right about now.

Yes, pls, kthx.

Monday, February 22, 7:03am – Day 13 Post-Op
Woke up at 3:30am with intense teeth-chattering chills. It was awful. I couldn’t control it. Not sure what it was about; if it was because my hair was wet, that I only slept in m sports bra and undies ans was cold or if I’m getting some type of infection. I hope it’s not the latter :(.

I also woke up at that time and 2 additional times because my arms would go numb and tingly! Really strange πŸ˜• .

Going to attempt to get ready and go into work. I’ll come home if i can’t survive the day.

At work. So far, so good. Took only one Benadryl so I’ll have Michelle clap or something if I get drowsy. Brought lunch so I don’t have to drive. Was surprised with these beautiful flowers from Thelma!


So I made it through my first day at work. I took Ibuprofen during lunch and applied more Hydrocortisone too. All-in-all, did ok, but my right side near the armpit was the itchiest. Catching up on all my emails was a good distraction from the itch. I did miss my Scandal marathons, though πŸ˜† .

I went to HEB for groceries (ran into Gabriel!), and by the time I was done, I was beat. Still, got home and caught up with my babygirls, changed and applied another coat of Hydrocortisone and then called the boys and made dinner (beef quesadillas with guac, salsa and sour cream). My boobs feel like they weigh 20 pounds right now, but they do feel better than yesterday. Babysteps.

Tuesday, February 23 – Day 14 Post-Op
Considering that I had a pretty normal (hectic) day yesterday, I woke up feeling pretty good. That meaning that I didn’t get those weird chills/arm numbing, I mostly slept through the night and I woke up feeling less itchy than I had since this allergic reaction started.

I did my nightly routine and felt ok when I went to bed. The angry red blisters seem to be healing, but still itchy near the ends of wach incision near the underarm. A few spots are still oozing, but nothing severe.

Got ready for work this morning and dropped the girls off. Walking is a bit easier today and the bumps in the road weren’t too bad. I am having small shocks of pain, even though I took Ibuprofen in the morning. It’s been happening when I inhale deeply or sneeze πŸ˜• .

Rosie is out for the morning and I volunteered to take front-desk duty so I haven’t taken my Benadryl yet. Don’t want to be all loopy when I answer the phone πŸ˜† . Good thing is I’m not too itchy. I only have hydrocortisone on for now.

At the girls’ dance class now.

Went to lunch with Michelle (she treated me :mrgreen: ), Ez and Jorgito. The day went by fast. Went to visit Thelma and Amelia and to pick up our supplies. Took Advil but still felt weird pains. I didn’t take Benadryl all day, at all, and wasn’t itchy until around 4pm. By then I wanted to rip my top off. Got home and changed bandages and applied more hydrocortisone. Had applied some at work too after lunch. Feeling a tight itchiness in between the bosoms.

Celebrated Jorgie’s 15th birthday! Picked up all the kids, a cheesecake (his choice), and took them all to Wingstop in PeΓ±itas. It was fun; those kiddos are a blast!

Happy birthday, Jorgie!

Jorgie asked to stop being called Jorgie, but he’ll always be Jorgie to me! Also, we had to whisper the Happy Birthday song lol.

Dropped Eenan and Jaylen off then got home and all the kids got ready for bed. By the time I showered and went to sleep I felt pain and itchiness =/.

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