The Beginning of Ultra-Nesting

I saw Mario off to work and then started tidying up here and there. I had a whole to-do list and it just seemed like it was impossible that everything’s going to get done. After lunch, John came over and I asked him to tag along with me and Alaethia to Hancock Fabrics. I’d started the morning by putting her in training pants and letting her walk around and use the potty everytime I had to go (which was often), but then she peed in the kitchen so we just took a break, heh.

I wanted to get the other valance done for my kitchen and I ran out of fabric. I hoped I’d find the right fabric; I’d gotten it back in November when the autumn colors were popular and wasn’t sure if I’d find it again.

It took forever to get there because first I got off the wrong exit, then I couldn’t remember how to turn around and find Business 83, and then I couldn’t remember if we were supposed to go East or West on Old 83. Grr. Needless to say, I had to rush and find some fabric (they didn’t have the one I wanted so I picked another stripey fabric that’s still cute) and still get to the school on time to pick up the boys. Alaethia didn’t make the end of the trip easy, either. Someone took her to town with them once (and I WILL find out who it was!) and let her sit in the basket part instead of the actual seat. Well, she made a big fuss when I wouldn’t let her out of the seat. It was awful. We finally gave in and told her she’d better sit before she fell out. So she did.

We picked up the boys and then John went to the bank while I got the boys started on their homework. I needed to go to Target and Walmart and Alaethia was already tired so the kiddos all stayed with Mom.

We went to Target first and then went to Walmart. Mario met us there since I wanted his opinion on what toddler bed to get Alaethia. We couldn’t find anything we liked. I really wish we could find a bed like the one the boys had. It was that hard Fisher-Price-type plastic and it was really cute. We’d sold it at a garage sale we had when Alaethia was around 4 months old because her crib turns into a daybed and full sized bed…and we didn’t think we’d have anymore babies LOL.

After we got home, put everything away and had dinner, we went over to Jorge’s. Mom offered to stay with Alaethia, so that was good since the time we’d gone over with her before she kept spilling stuff and was moody. I think this was the second time going over to their house since they moved into Jorge’s mom’s house.

We chilled out with Jorge, Javi and Maggie while the guys tried their hardest to make the internet work. At the same time, Jorge was transferring a whole butt-load of movies from his computer to Mario’s external. We were going to have movie nights for a month!

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