Yesterday Evening: First Swimming Lesson

It feels like a Sunday. Which means the whole rest of the week’s going to feel like a different day, which is totally going to throw me off. But anyway.

I was at my wit’s end about an hour before we left to the boys’ swimming classes yesterday evening. They’d been fighting all afternoon and totally made a mess of the bedroom and refused to clean it up. When they finally did, I had maybe 10 minutes to get them in their trunks, pack up towels, sunscreen, my camera (!), their flip flops, extra undies and shorts, and a plastic bag for wet clothes.

We got there 15 minutes early to register them. It was a bit…awkward for a second for me since one of the swimming coaches is an ex-boyfriend. He was Mario’s friend, the one I met at the mall and started dating a few weeks after that. I broke it off with him before he broke my heart (he was “confused” over who to be with; his ex or me). Then, about a month later, Mario and I started dating . Anyway, it was always strange being around him before when we’d run into him in places, because he always had this strange, uncomfortable look on his face when I was around. It wasn’t too bad last night though. He made a comment about how he heard “Jaylen” in French meant “Mario”. How freaking awesome would it be if I named him “Mario” in another language without even knowing it?? I need to do some research.

While we waited for the coaches to get in the pool and get situated, we lathered the boys up in sun screen. I was growing more and more nervous by the second. I knew they’d be fine, but pools have that effect on me . I’m just glad the boys are getting lessons since I can’t swim.

There were hardly any kids there for lessons, so each of the kids got a coach to themselves. They taught Eenan to hold his breath, go underwater, and then come up for air. They taught Jaylen the same thing and then tried teaching him to blow bubbles, but he was too busy trying to “swim” that he only blew bubbles a few times. They both did very well. Eenan was taught how to float on his back. The coach took him around the pool, even the deep end and would hold him, let him float on his own, then held him again. Jaylen had a blast kicking and splashing all around the pool. His coach kept calling him, “JR” though, so I think that’s why he may have not been listening LOL. When it was time to go, Jaylen’s coach asks, “How old is he?”

“Three”, I say.

He wipes water from his face and says, “Wow. He’s got A LOT of energy! He probably won’t learn how to swim this session, but next session, definetly. He’s ready.”

They wanted to go to the park, but man it was hot out there! The park’s old, so all the swings and merry-go-round are metal, and they would have burned themselves. Mary got them Happy Meals on the way home and we promised we’d take their sneakers today and take them to the park for a while. I just hope it’s not so hot, but I watched the news last night and they said it was getting into the 100’s. Great. .

I hope they have fun again tonight . Jaylen was so beat he fell asleep at around 9:30pm and didn’t wake up till 8am this morning! Eenan said, “It hurts when I bend”, when he woke up LOL.

When Mario got home we ate dinner and he made us some banana milkshakes and I made the vanilla ice cream covered brownie like the one he made me last week. We stayed up watching TV till midnight and then went to bed. I hate staying up so late but it’s the only time we get to spend together . I woke up really tired and still very sleepy again this morning. I want to nap, but then I’ll wake up with a headache, I know it.

Anyway, I shall get back to cleaning and maybe get some coffee brewing to stay awake. I didn’t finish cleaning yesterday. Didn’t think I would LOL–there’s just too much stuff in this tiny place! I don’t know where to put anything!

on Wednesday, June 1st, Diana said:

That’s great that you’re taking them to swim lessons when they’re this young, so they’ll never have to worry about that and you won’t have to worry about them going into pools or the beach. I remember being in swim lessons when I was really young in school. It’s not hard. Love the little pic of them at the pool, cute!

on Wednesday, June 1st, Jessica said:

Hey girl 🙂 I updated a blog, finally. The cam pic of the boys is just too adorable! I remember taking swimming lessons at the YMCA. By the time I was 14, I almost had my Shark (highest level) badge, but I didn’t want to wait until I was 16 to get the lifeguard certification, so I quit going, lol. That’s great you got the boys into lessons though. In addition to learning how to swim, that will help them like the water too. Btw, thanks for adding me to your links on your front page. That makes me feel loved 🙂 We had storms tonight so hopefully even if your weather was hot, it was a good day. Take care!

on Tuesday, May 31st, Sheena said:

That picture of the boys is so cute :gasp:! I can’t wait to move out so that I can start over again. My room is too small for all this stuff!!! I have a bin of flip flops in the basement because there’s no room, stuffed animals in the attic, I need ORDER! I can’t wait until I can do all of this fun family stuff, I’m bored!

on Tuesday, May 31st, tara said:

I understand the wanting to stay up late to spend time together… it sucks, but that’s really the only time we have together too. Doesn’t help when he’s only had one day off in the past 2 weeks… but I know you can relate to that!

It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate. I can’t believe all the stuff we had here was in a 1 bdrm. because we have filled this place (and we have storage in the garage!) I’m just hoping that we are able to get rid of lots… I’ve already donated a ton of bags to goodwill. It is sooo liberating! LOL

Hope we get a chance to talk soon, I miss you! 🙁