John’s Graduation & Summery Things

Warning: The first two paragraphs have a bit of swearing. Read at your own discretion.

John’s graduation was on Friday night. He was cool and collected until 5 o’clock came around and he only had an hour before he had to be at the Stadium. After that, he was a nervous wreck. Mary dropped him off then picked Sonia up and the boys and I finished getting ready.

We left when she got here and tried to find parking and a place to sit at the stadium. It was so packed. We got good seats anyway–well, until this woman and her noisy kids decided to sit beside us. Wait no, I meant to say, she sat ON TOP OF THE BOY beside me. And her kids sat on the boy too, which meant her daughter was half sitting on MY lap. This woman had to have been in her late 20’s, early 30’s and she was stomping her feet, jumping up and down, laughing, screaming–she was ridiculous. I tried ignoring her, which was extremely hard to do since she was right next to me. I scanned the field for John and Jennifer (who was also graduating) and the bottom of the bleachers for Mom and Aunt Nora to keep myself from smacking her (I’m not a violent person, really, but had you been next to that woman you’d understand–I should have taken video with my camera). Finally, after what seemed like forever, they started with the Pledge of Allegiance…and that woman YELLED THE WHOLE TIME while we stood there with our hands over our hearts. When Pomp and Circumstance blared out of the loudspeakers and the kids marched to their seats, the bitch smacks me on the back of the head with her disposable camera because she was swinging her arms like a maniac. She tells me, “Ay, perdon!” (sorry) while laughing the whole time. By then, I’d had it. I get about 4 inches from her face and tell her, “Can you please calm down? You’re moving way too much.” She looks at the boy who’s lap she’s sitting on and airheadedly says, “Que dijo?” (what’d she say?). I respond, “Que te calmes. Te estas moviendo mucho.” She shrinks back behind the guy, talking crap about me no doubt, and I mouth out, “Dumb bitch” . She moved away after that, thank the Lord. I feel sorry for the people she terrorized next.

The ceremony took forever. It was hot. There was 1,029 kids. The people giving out the diplomas kept getting the names screwed up. And finally, we see John go up there. I tried getting as many pictures as I could. We saw Jennifer go up and since they were getting to the end, we made our way down to the field to meet with everyone. It was absolute hell getting down there! People are so rude. They were pushing and shoving and elbowing. Jaylen had been asleep the whole time, and had just woken up when we started walking down, so he was kind of moody. I carried him the whole time we were down there basically, and my arm was SORE. It took about 15 minutes to find John…it was pure madness. He looked upset. I know for sure it was because he didn’t want to eat with everyone (Mom was treating all of us to Chilli’s) and 2, he didn’t get to see most of his friends, though honestly it would have taken all night to find anyone out there.

Mario was meeting us at Chilli’s since he wasn’t allowed to get out of work early. It was already 10 and we were barely eating dinner. We met my cousins Art, David and Art’s fiance Michelle there, too. It was a nice night. We all talked and laughed and talked with John about what he wanted to do now that school was over. I had the Alfredo Shrimp and Pasta, or something like that. It was good. It was so much food, I had to bring some with me. It was really late, so Eenan ended up falling asleep and came home with Mary. We all said our goodbyes and Mario, Jaylen and I went to Wal-Mart. He needed a new toolbox, locks, flints for his lighter and I got a Goodluck Bear tee and two cute skirts. We ended up leaving behind the darn bag with the locks, flints and tools Mario bought . I called Wal-Mart when we got home and talked to a manager. She told me to take our receipt with us and we could get our stuff back.

When Mary went to Wal-Mart the next day I talked to a cashier and everything went smoothly.

We went to watch Madagascar Saturday morning. It was such a cute movie . It was very predictable but it made the kids laugh uncontrollably. They really liked it. Can’t wait till it comes out on DVD .

We came home and basically just vegged out all day. When I was going to feed the turtles I noticed Squirt didn’t swim away from me frantically like he usually did. I look closer and notice the filter’s sucking up his little foot! I talk to him and say, “Squirt, what are you doing?” and when I pick him up, his little head flops to the side. My heart sank. He was dead . I don’t know what happened. I had just been telling Mario 2 days before about how wierd I thought it was that Squirt hadn’t been basking and was sleeping in the water for long periods of time. He’d swim around and was eating fine, so I didn’t think anything was really wrong. Poor little guy. I put him in a little box while I cleaned out the tank, rocks and filter, just in case anything in there made him sick. I wonder if whatever caused Shelly to die (Yadira’s other turtle) was what made Squirt die. And is it contageous??

I had to break it to the kids, so I straight out told them Squirt went to heaven. Eenan cried a little and it was so heartbreaking when Jaylen innocently, quietly said, “Wake up Qwoht, wake up.” They were okay after a while though, thank goodness.

Jackie and Daniel seem fine. They were even doing a little mating dance last night! I’ll be so upset if they die too .

John left with his friends at around 6pm. Mario got home that night and we watched Alone in the Dark, which he searched all over for and finally found at Best Buy. John called at 9pm and said he was going to another friend’s house and would be a late. I was glad he called and figured he’d be home at 11-11:30, the latest. We were super tired, probably from not sleeping much the night before, so we went to bed after the movie was over. Which was around 11:45. Mario and I were to rendevous later on, but Eenan was freaked out because of the movie (he insisted on staying up with us) and wouldn’t let us close the door, so we scratched the idea and fell asleep.

When we were laying there Mario asks, “Does John have a key?”.

“No. I didn’t think he was going to be out this late. He should get here any time now.” *snore*

At around 12:10am I hear a knock on the door. I figure it’s John, so I open it and peek my head out. Nobody’s there. I close it, then open it again and nothing. I hiss out, “Psssssssst!”, just in case, but again, nothing. So I go back to sleep.

At 2:20am I hear something at the door again. I get up, open the door and again, nobody’s there. I peek over to Mary’s house and notice the light’s on and Big Mario passes by the door. Wierd. I shut the door and begin to get really annoyed because surely the waking up/going back to sleep is going to make me feel really tired in the morning. I hear something, so I open the door and Noelia’s there. She said John’s been waiting to get inside. Dork. He’d supposedly been “knocking loudly” all night, yet I didn’t hear anything but those two knocks. I’m a very light sleeper, so I, well, I didn’t really believe he’d been knocking as loudly as he claimed. He later said he didn’t want to wake Mario and have him kick his ass. Okay, I’ll stop. I’m laughing out loud and he’s right behind me saying, “Quit laughing at my misfourtunes”. Oh! Oh my gosh! I can’t breaf! *holds side* You can read about his experience here .

We had two kiddie parties to go to the next day. One was for Jennifer’s baby, Seth, and the other was for one of Mario’s cousin’s little boys. Even after the tiring night he had, John decided to go with us. It was cool. The first one, Seth’s, was at Peter Piper Pizza. The boys had fun. We stayed there a while and then left to the other party, which was being held at The Zone (formerly Mountasia) and was already in progress. We didn’t eat since we got there late (and had just eaten at the other one). The kids got to hit the piñata, got candy bags and then played on the games. They had so much fun, but since we’d been in town all day they were getting tired and fussy. We came home, rested a bit and then went to Wal-Mart (where I returned my two cute skirts because I didn’t like how they fit *sigh*), and then grocery shopping at H-E-B. We got home, Mario made us sub sandwiches and then we watched Are We There Yet?. John kept talking about how he wished we’d stayed up that late the night before LOL.

At around 2am I wake up to what sounded like rocks being thrown at the window. It had been thundering before we went to bed and sure enough, it was a full-blown thunderstorm with golf-ball sized hail. It sounded horrible. The kids, who are terrified of thunder, slept right through it. But not John and I. We got up and just stared out the door. He says, “First snow. Now golf-ball-sized hail. It’s the Appocalypse!”

Our car was out there and the alarm was going crazy so Big Mario moved it under the carport as much as he could. After staring a bit more I came back to bed. I. COULD. NOT. SLEEP. I woke up with every thunder, every hail that hit, and then woke up again at 4am to an Earth-cracking thunder and then about 30 minutes later to another huge boom. Another sleepless night indeed.

Today, my plans are to clean this hell-hole place. I hardly did any cleaning last week and boy has it accumulated . I did it to myself. The boys are going to swimming classes for the next week and they start tonight. Already got their little trunks out. Must take camera .

Bah. I guess I’ll start cleaning now…

on Tuesday, May 31st,“>Stephanie said:

Grrr! That lady would have had me so angry… I would have said something and not have been so nice about it! Glad she wasn’t like that for the entire ceremony.

Your poor brother!

I LOVE the new skins.. I’m using the beach one right now & I’m in the mood for summer! 😀

on Tuesday, May 31st, kitty said:

ohh, i forgot bout the turtles!!! yeah, i sure know how it feels to lose a pet turtle. we had a tiny one way back when we were still very young, one day I thought he was only sleeping but when i touched the head it was sure dead, :cry:me and my brother cried and it hurt so much.that’s the reason why I don’t have pets. boo-hoo.. sniff..

on Tuesday, May 31st, kitty said:

:angry:I hate people like that, too. hmph! they think they own the place or something, anyway.. ha haa, that was really funny.. being locked out, :)and yeah, I don’t like cleaning, too.. I clean almost like everyday coz all the dust just won’t go away. we need a new vacuum cleaner. lol take care!!

on Tuesday, May 31st, Ana said:

sorry to hear that you had that rude lady next to you at johns graduation, that would have really pissed me off. I would have smacked you showed real restraint lol I hate cleaning, but we have to do to it eventually right the longer you leave the mess the bigger it gets so i just do it while it stays small. lol

on Tuesday, May 31st, Renay said:

You are superwoman! I have no clue how I will survive motherhood if that’s even a portion of the stuff I’ll have to do! *explode*

on Monday, May 30th, tara said:

your brother being locked out is hilarious! LOL

ick for cleaning. I cleaned Isaiah’s room practically all day (with a couple rests). Now I need to go through the toys. It’s amazing how many they can accumulate, ugh! Hope you got your cleaning done!

I love the new skins you made, btw!