Old Becomes New

I’m pleased to announce that I have resurrected my beloved “Fang” theme! This is one of my favorite layouts I’ve ever created and couldn’t wait to sit down and update it to suit my current content.

I started the day by making myself an epic omelet. This one consisted of crab, spinach, avocado and gouda cheese :).


I slacked around a while, sitting with Mom in the kitchen nook and then I started cleaning. Freddy ordered the Marquez fight, so we’d be having company. My love called during lunchtime and needed me to drop off a key, so I joined him and Marco for lunch at Palenque Chicken. I went grocery shopping since I was already over there, then to the bank and headed home. I cleaned some more and THEN…I sat at my now-favorite part of the house:

My Sanctuary

Jorge and I did some Autumn-cleaning last week and I have to give him most of the credit for our bedroom makeover. He’s a genius :).

I was surprised that I hadn’t completely forgotten how to move around my website and my old theme. I did however, shamefully, had to reinstall my good ol’ Paint Shop Pro…because I couldn’t for the life of my dinosaur brain figure out how to use this damn Windows 8!!! >_< But I remembered how to use PSP and voila!! Fang is reborn!!! I'm proud to mention I still have my pixel-drawing skillz buahaha. I made my tiny little social media icons there on the top right. Not too shabby, eh?? I guess I'll go outside and be social. I hope Sally comes over after all. We got to hang out last night for Michelle's birthday at Kohnami, a lot of our co-workers and my love and Sally made an appearance, too, so that was pretty nice :). I sang "Cowboy Take Me Away" during karaoke, and "Como La Flor" with Gerry. We had a great time :). My BFFs!

My honey and I!

Alright, alright. Going off on a tangent again. Goodnight!

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