Oops! Summary of the Past Week

Been a while, hasn’t it? Everytime I sat in front of the computer to blog I was summoned by the children or husband or there was something I hadn’t done (cleaning, laundry, etc.) and had to do it. I actually started on this entry since the 22nd and have been adding bits here and there when I get the chance. I managed to start on some graphics for the visitor content on…I don’t remember when. Nothing big or “wow” or anything, but I was feeling pixelly and generous . Let’s see how long that lasts.

Let’s see if I can summarize everything without making each day a novel, but you know that never happens .

Friday was the usual–dropping Eenan off, being home with Jaylen, picking Eenan up from school and then just relaxing after that. I made lasagna for dinner while I watched America’s Next Top Model and then Mario got home. We ate, Eenan left with Mary to sleep over at her house, then Mario, Jaylen and I got ready to go to Jorge’s. We got there and they we bar-be-cuing. While the men tried to get Jorge’s Chevy to work, Maggie and I talked and then went to her mom’s house since her sister-in-law wanted to see the baskets she’s selling. She’s selling Easter baskets–and lots of them! We bought two of them for the boys and Mario got me a huge mug with bunnies on it with a bunny plush inside with some candies. Too cute . We got back and ate and after talking for about another hour we came home.

Mario and I woke up early Saturday morning since he had to go to work. I made breakfast, we ate, and then he left. Mary was outside cleaning and asked me to look through some toys the boys had outside in a box and see if there was anything we should throw out. Ended up getting rid of a plastic wagon that had too many spider/beetle eggs to count; a whole bunch of broken toys and pieces of toys that belong to other toys that had been sold at the garage sales. I helped her sweep the ceiling of the roof over the deck, which was covered in cobwebs. We have a Daddy Long Leg spider problem…they’re everywhere! Especially outside. I cleaned the outside of my kitchen window and the door and after everything was nice and clean, I noticed how old and dirty the door looked. So I painted it. I washed all the windows, then came inside and washed the window from the inside and removed all the curtains since they needed a washing. Sonia, and Annie and Catherine were all here so I came in and took a shower. I went back to Mary’s to chat with everyone when I was done and somehow we got into the discussion about breasts and bras. Annie told me mine looked nice and asked to see my bra. I stupidly asked, “How?”, and she said, “Do it like you’re gonna flash me.” So, embarrassed and shy as I was, I showed her and Sonia my bra LOL. I’m super shy about showing people my body, even if it’s just my stomach, so that was weird for me. She said my boobs looked so nice it would make a woman want to squeeze them . Never gotten a compliment like that before!

Noelia arrived with Andy a while later. He ate and we all talked to him and he seemed really comfortable. I ran back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom to mingle and bathe the kids at the same time. While I flat-ironed my hair, Jaylen was with Noelia and Andy and was wrestling with Andy. He loved that LOL.

Everyone left and then Mary, Yazmin, the boys and I left to a birthday party. It was Melba’s little girl’s 2nd birthday. The kids had fun jumping in the moon jump for about an hour, they ate and then got their candy bags with these noisy-as-hell balloon things, we said our good-bye’s and thank-you’s and we left. We went to Wal-Mart and bought a turtle-shaped sandbox for Jaylen (Mom’s birthday present to him). After that we went to H-E-B to get a few groceries. Yazmin went with me while Mary stayed in the van with the boys and the cashier fluirted with me a bit…I still got it! We got some Taco Bell after that and ate in the van while we waited for Mario to get out of work. Mary took the Sentra to get that nasty noise fixed (the exhaust had two holes!) so he was without a car. We went to Jorge and Maggie’s after we got home and Mario changed clothes. Maggie and I had margaritas again and had a long talk about parenting.

Sunday, we woke up early to go deposit money at the bank and lo-and-behold, it was closed. It used to be open on Sunday’s…dumb bank. Mary was watching the boys for us (who were in their new sandbox before we even left!) since we were celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary that day (since our actual anniversary’s on Easter). We went to Home Depot to get a few tools Mario needed and I oogled over the beautiful kitchens. If we ever get our house I want a nice, spaceous kitchen that has a place for every, single thing. I want it to be as un-cluttered as possible–not jam-packed the way it is now . We went to Sears for, of course, more tools and then to JCPenny to make our JCP card payment.

We decided we’d try TGIFriday’s since we’d never been there. We ordered motzerella sticks…the best I’ve had in a long while. We talked and enjoyed the atmosphere (and I realized I analize things too much. I kept wondering “Who cleans all the way up there?”, “Did they get permission from each company to display the vintage posters?” I can’t ever just enjoy my surroundings…I always ask questions and it can become quite annoying ).

Anyway, Mario had the Jack Daniel burger and I had the new Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp plate. OMG…I was in absolute heaven. Everything was REALLY good. I even got two huge heaps of mashed potatoes (the BEST I’ve ever tasted)…but I only ate one heap . We contemplated ordering dessert, since we were so very full, and ordered the Brownie Obsession. Oh. My. God. It was soooo good. Mario kept saying he couldn’t possibly eat dessert and ended up eating half of it LOL. We forced ourselves to eat it because it was just that good.

We were supposed to go to a movie after lunch, but we were so full and sleepy we decided to go home. We took a 2 hour nap with the boys and when I woke up I finished cleaning up since I’d left everything undone the day before. We went to Wal-Mart later on and got the house supplies, a corkboard for Gramma’s room at the nursing home and Eenan got himself a fish . He’d been wanting one forever and “saved” a dollar in quarters to buy him LOL. It was the cutest thing. His (I’m assuming it’s a he…) name’s Goldie and he’s a goldfish. He’s been doing pretty good with feeding him. He’s going to take Goldie and Smokey, the gerbil, to school when they go back to school next week for show-and-tell. Ms. O. asked me if we really had that many pets, to which I replied, “Oh my gosh…yes we do” LOL. We’ve got a petting zoo!

We went to see Gramma after that and put the corkboard on the wall and arranged all the pictures she had tacked on her wall. We’d get frames, but I don’t think they’d allow that many holes in the wall . So, a corkboard seemed like the next best thing. We talked and laughed with Gramma and asked her just WHAT she was watching since it was a “sexy” movie LMAO. We joked about that the rest of the time we were there.

We went to H-E-B and picked up a few things to bar-be-cue since Mario was in the mood to cook-out. We got home, set Goldie up in his new home and then I got everything ready, put Eenan to bed, and joined Mario outside by the fire pit. It was such a nice night out. We talked and laughed and it was so nice that Jaylen ended up falling asleep on a lawn chair LOL. We brought the food inside when it was ready and we watched The Ladykillers while we ate. It was a great day .

Monday and Tuesday were basically the same thing that happens everyday. Except now that we have the sandbox, the daily schedule changed a bit. Now I pick Eenan up from school, we get home and he does his homework, they get in the sandbox, take their showers, I make dinner and we eat, they watch TV/play while I make Mario’s lunch for work the next day, and then they brush their teeth and go to bed. Now, if only we could actually stay ON schedule…

Poor Eenan didn’t get home from school on Wednesday till 4:07pm. He gets out at 3:15 . Since Noelia wasn’t coming home after school and I couldn’t borrow her car to pick him up, I had to call Sonia to pick him up for me. Well, she forgot and I got a call from Ms. O. at 3:47 that he still hadn’t been picked up. I panicked and appologized and said someone would be right there. She told me not to worry, that he was there with her. So, I call Sonia and she’s like, “OH MY GOD, I FORGOT, I’M SO SORRY!!” and said she’d go get him. He gets here and he’s all cheerful and told me, “Where were you, Mom? I missed you!” I asked him if he was scared and he said no, that Ms. O. was with him the whole time. Aww . She’s such a good teacher.

Wednesday night was spent stuffing/covering the Easter eggs the kids and I had dyed on Tuesday. Eenan needed 2 dozens for their Easter party. I also had to bake 24 cupcakes, and ended up having to make 2 boxes of batter since I over-filled the first 12 cupcakes . When we picked Eenan up today (Mario had the day off), Ms. O. told me how she had him pass out the cupcakes and he would lick the cupcake before he gave it to the kids LOL. She didn’t know how many he licked before she noticed. Silly kid…I can’t believe he did that!

While Eenan was in school I typed out a formal letter (2 actually) for Ricky and then we went to JCPenny to get Jaylen some shoes. Luck would have it that they didn’t have his size. I think the two employees who were helping us just didn’t bother to check. They were having an awesome sale if we used our card too. Grr. I spent the rest of the day hauling ass around the house, cleaning. Elda, Jose and the boys get here tomorrow and I didn’t want this place to be a mess. I still have to mop and tackle the bedroom and bathroom, but I did the most important parts (kitchen and living room). It’s 1am now and I just got the best, most wonderful massage from Mario and am so ready to sleep. G’nite!

on Tuesday, March 29th, Caleb said:

HAHA Gurl I’m the same way when I go to places like that, but then again I talk too much anyways so haha…Happy Aniversary!!!!

on Monday, March 28th, Jorden said:

mmmmTGI’s! I love their cocktails!
Happy aniversary & Happy Easter xxx

on Sunday, March 27th, Tara said:

TGIF’s is sooo yummy! I get the chicken and brocoli alfredo!

Happy Anniversary to you two! And Happy Easter too! love ya!

on Friday, March 25th, kitty said:

🙂 It’s nice to read your long posts, yaya! I always enjoy it, lolz!!!

on Friday, March 25th, Johanna said:

Wow, I can’t believe you liked TGIF. I went once and I thought it was horrible. I love applebees, johnny carinos, and Buffalo Wiild Wings. I hope that you have a happy easter and anniversary as well:) :hblush:

on Friday, March 25th, Diana said:

So much cleaning!!

That’s cool that you went to TGIF. I’ve never been to it either here, but I did go on my 22nd birthday while I was in Miami. I actually liked Tony Roma’s better… I know about that desert! We always eat less than we normally would so we can fit in that brownie thing. I’m guessing it’s the one with the hot chocolate and ice cream on top. It is the best.