Plethora of Events Leading to Absolute Boredom

I should be getting my highlights right now, but I’m not. The brother decided to bail. I IM’d him yesterday after I realized he wasn’t coming and asked him what was up. He responded with, “I’ve got some shit to do, sorry!” Mom called later on and she mentions that John didn’t want to come over because he “didn’t want to watch my kids”. I tell her, “Oh, he said he had something to do.” And she said, “Yeah right, he’s been playing Playstation since he got home.” Nice. Last time I do him any favors.

The big garage sale/flea market was today also. And of course, I’m not going to that either. I’m going to spend yet another day, stuffed in this house, with the kids and the smelly pets. *plays violin* I’m tired of that cat. Not only do I have to clear out her litter box twice a day, but I have to swat her every 5 minutes because she’s either on top of the table, the stove, or laying on top of the gerbil’s cage on top of the entertainment center because she’s just waiting to eat him. She broke a candle holder last night and then knocked down a spindle of CD’s. The rabbit won’t stop peeing and is stinkin’ up my house. When will the madness end?!?

My “bad luck” didn’t end the last day I posted. That day, the darn washer took a crap while I was washing jeans. The water wouldn’t drain, let alone spin. I had to hand wring all the damn jeans and then dry them. I got a blister from all the wringing . I’ve had to wash Mario’s work uniforms by hand every night since then, since he’s only got 2 darn uniforms. (He won’t get more because they’re supposed to get new uniforms “soon”.) Bless my mother, who hand washed our clothes for the longest time. We were joking last night at Jorge and Maggie’s about how I deserve a new Dooney .

As for Eenan’s glasses, I was positive I’d had the glasses with me in the car, and didn’t bother calling the salon as Noelia suggested. I was certain I didn’t leave them there. When it was almost 5 Mary got here and said maybe I should call the salon, just in case. So she called for me, and they were there . I asked the lady where they found them and she said they were on a seat. When I got them, they were kind of crooked. I’m wondering if I dropped them outside and someone took them in and left them on the seat. I don’t remember leaving them there at all. But anyway, I’m just glad we found them.

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, and Mary invited me to go to church with her and Noelia. The whole time I was sitting there (sitting because Jaylen had fallen asleep, and my back could not handle standing, sitting, kneeling and carrying him), I was rehearsing in my head what I would confess. I hadn’t confessed in 8 years. I was so nervous, almost shaking when it was my turn after Mary to confess. What made me even more nervous, was that there was no private little booth; we were out in the open sitting there, face-to-face with the Priest. I got about 2 things out, then totally choked. I went completely blank. Didn’t help I couldn’t understand what the man was saying because he was speaking very softly and had a strange accent.

Mario called me that night and was so upset. He was frustrated with work and frustrated that he didn’t have Thursday off after all. He got home and we just stood there, holding eachother. It broke my heart to see him so upset. We were going to watch a movie and he just ended up falling asleep instead.

The next day, he bought a stereo and didn’t get employee price, which sort of pissed him off, but it’s a nice stereo so he didn’t complain much. If he has Sunday off, he’s going to install it in the car. He’s so burned out from work. They all are actually, from what the guys were talking about last night at Jorge’s. We got home at 1:30am, ate “dinner” and then he went to sleep at around 2. He couldn’t even get out of bed this morning. I hope he’s ok during the day.

Eenan was upset because Thursday was “Father/Son reading night” at the school. Since Mario wasn’t able to go after all, I asked Ms. O. if it would be alright if I took him. She said, “Sure, of course you can! I don’t even know why they have it this way. A lot of families don’t even have fathers present, y’know?” I asked Mary if she’d like to go with me and she said yes. So we went. We were supposed to meet at the library, but they called us to the cafeteria. I walk in there, and standing in a huge circle, were a whole bunch of fathers with their sons. I felt so weird . They were doing this whole introduction where the dad would introduce his son, state his interests and the son would do the same thing. They didn’t get to me, Thank God. We had to do all this happy, hippy, group crap, where we discussed how we should help our kids with their homework, and other junk parents should already be doing, but obviously don’t. I was so ready to leave, especially when the kids became irritated and hyper because they’d been sitting there so damn long. I thought we were there to read to the kids?! After about 45 minutes of torture discussions, they finally lead us to the library. The boys didn’t even want to listen to stories by then. Eenan ended up getting a story from the library, read it and tested on it. He got all the answers correct and we left. They picked out a whole bunch of free books they were giving out and we came home. Never again. At first I was annoyed with the kids for misbehaving so much, but then I realized it wasn’t their fault. It was the school’s for tricking us .

I called Mario that night and was all annoyed with him. I was bitching how it was almost 9pm and he still hadn’t called me and isn’t he supposed to get out at 7?? and hung up on him. I was that frustrated. He called back and told me how he had a bad day and that I wasn’t helping. I immediately felt like an ass and appologized. He got home and we ate dinner together (which doesn’t happen all too often anymore) and cuddled on the couch to watch the movies he’d rented. We only got to watch The Terminal, which was a really sweet movie. Then we had the most wonderful “alone time” we’d had in the longest time . Spending time with him really made up for my 3 days of crappiness.

I’m really hoping Mario has tomorrow off. I miss him, and so do the boys. We have bills to pay, and plans to make for the late Valentine’s night we’ll be having Monday. Still deciding whether we should celebrate tomorow instead. I don’t even know what to get him .

Random: I wish I was a celebrity who’s going to the Grammy’s JUST to get those really cool giveaways *jealous*. I think I saw a pink/black iPod!

on Wednesday, February 16th, Daniel said:

OMFG YAYA. Long time no hear? How have you been? I hope you have been well. Thankyou so much for the comment.. I love your site. You have skinned it WOAH AWESOME SHIT hehe… :LOL dont be jelous of my ipod πŸ˜‰ haha Well *cough* you can be if u want lol.. i dunno Im just takin crap. Anyways hun you take care and thanx again for visiting. I was wondering where you have gone hehe! LOVE YA… DANIEL

on Tuesday, February 15th, tray said:

Hey yaya!!! My gosh girl don’t feel bad because I haven’t been visiting sites that I love for a long long time either! But it was good to hear from you! πŸ™‚ And to read your blog again! As I’ve said before, I’m envious because you always have so much to write about and cracks me up the way you tell some stories. I was rolling while reading about your confession. If I did confessions I’d choke up too! Take care, love!

on Monday, February 14th, Lauren said:

happy valentine’s day dearest! πŸ˜€

on Monday, February 14th, Johanna said:

Happy Valentines Day to you and your family πŸ˜€

on Sunday, February 13th, Jorden said:

Awww, i am glad your feeling a bit better. Have a lovely Valentines day, even having a late one is better than not having one at all πŸ˜€ x x x