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Last Day of Vacation

It’s so sad that it’s my last day of vacation today. I’m so not looking forward to going back to work; not because I feel lazy but because I just don’t see how I’ll make it through the day since I’m exhausted by the end of the day and that’s because right now I’m at home! Granted, I’ve been sort of overdoing the housework and am constantly on my feet, but I’ll probably be on my feet and running errands all over the place at work, too. We’ll see. I just have to keep telling myself it’s only 4 days this week, then 3 weeks and that’s it!

I didn’t want to go anywhere today but, like I mentioned in my previous blog, I have to visit Gramma, have to deposit at the bank for my online bills, have to get milk and a few other things like trash bags, and as for home: I still need to do laundry, sew the valance (at least) for the kitchen window, and mop. Although I didn’t get to paint Alaethia’s room pink like I’d wanted to, I can always get that done during the almost-month that I’m going to be off before I have the baby. I’m hoping to finish painting the trim (white) for the kitchen and all the doors. I feel pretty darn good about everything I managed to accomplish in the last week.

Later…we visited Gramma and she’s doing just fine. She was laughing with the kids and we even talked about Aunt Sylvia and some stuff Aunt Nora told her about when she visited. Mom had seen me searching for sometime a few days before and I got the guts to tell her I’d been doing research and found out what her father’s name is and I was going to get in contact (again—she doesn’t know about the first time). She told me no, that I had the wrong name, but when we were at Gramma’s she asked her and Gramma gave me a knowing look. I nodded inconspicuously and she told her the real name. And Mom took it well!

We stopped at H-E-B for a few groceries and then I rushed home.

When we got home I left all the kids with the in-laws and then rushed to the salon to get my hair cut. It was down to my waist and the pregnancy hot flashes were becoming unbearable—I HAD to get it cut. They let me in even though it was late and I asked the lady to hack my hair up to my shoulders. It’s still a little longer than I wanted, but it’ll do.

I had so much to do before I went to work the next day and I was so tired. I still had to shower and straighten my hair and Mario decided that he was going to go to sleep early. How convenient. I hate when he does that. He fell asleep on the sofa and Alaethia sat on the other sofa watching Noggin’. I asked her if she was okay and she said yes. I told her to pound on her daddy’s head if she needed something. I took the quickest shower in history and when I was done I peeked my head out the door and told her I was almost out. She said okay and turned back to Wa-Wa-Wubzy. She starts knocking on the door while I’m drying myself and I ask her to please hold on. She knocks two more times and tells me something about her diaper. I’m thinking the worst. She starts jiggling the door handle and I finish putting on my clothes. I come out and look down at her and she gives me that sweet smile that only means she’s up to no good. I lift her pajama top and sure enough: she’s naked…and the most putrid smell starts wafting in the air. I scream, “OH MY GOD!!!” and Mario, of course, is woken from his sleep. But does he move? No. I’m running around cleaning her up (hands, feet, butt) and realize the offending diaper’s nowhere to be found. I ask her, “Where did you take your diaper off? In the living room?”

She tilts her head to one side and says, “I dunno….um, yes!”

I ask again, “Or did you take it off in the kitchen?”

She smiles again and says a happy, “Yes!”

Gosh. I had no idea where it was. There wasn’t anything on the floor in the living room, but once I’m in the kitchen I see little toeprints of poop. Lovely. I lug my tub of Lysol wipes around with me and clean up the whole floor. There’s a trail all the way to the trashcan. Thank goodness, the diaper’s in there, but it’s empty. Upon further inspection I notice that she’d shaken her poop into the trash can and managed to drop some on the floor and scooped it back into the trash. I re-washed her hands for good measure and remembered that she’d been messing with the door handle so I wiped that and re-washed my hands as well. It was now 10:30pm. I was so angry. And Mario just sat there all drowsy looking not saying a word!

He got up and took a huge drink of water. I wanted to hit him, but quietly blow-dried and flat-ironed my hair. What a night!

Wonderful December Day

I woke up and went on a cleaning frenzy. It was really the first day since I started my Christmas vacation that I could actually concentrate on tidying up. I was so behind on everything that just maintaining cleanliness wasn’t going to be enough; I’d have to clean hardcore in order to start maintaining! That’s what working does to me; I get lazy. I don’t know how other women do it to be a full-time mom and wife, hold a job, work and still have a clean house.

I took a break and checked my Myspace for a while, then cleaned again. I was just folding towels and telling to John I should call Sally when my phone starts singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. She read my mind! She asked if I wanted to meet for lunch at Olive Garden and I said of course. Mom was thankfully already over and offered to stay with the kiddos.

It was so nice seeing her. We hadn’t seen each other since Quentin’s birthday on the 6th. We talked about friends, my pregnancy, her work, my work and our marriages—those conversations are always interesting, heh. She said it was so different actually saying Emily’s name now that we knew what she’d be called, because she’s so used to just Eenan, Jaylen and Alaethia.

We talked about our houses (she wants to re-do her kitchen and I want to get my bedroom more organized) and she asked if I needed help. I said yes, sure! She said she’d be over the next day, at 7am. I promised I’d have breakfast ready.

She insisted on treating me at Olive Garden. She spoils me. I wish we could have hung out much longer but she had to get back to work. We said our ‘see you laters’ and I stopped to put gas in the truck. Can you believe I filled up with $15 (gas was $1.39 at this time)!

I stopped by Target to buy the 500gig external that was in the ads, but of course they were out. I got my inspection on the way home, finally. I’d needed to get it since October—how I dodged that bullet with the cops over here, I have no idea, but I’m grateful. How sad that I never went to get it because it takes too long and sure enough, they took about an hour or more. I got home and started cleaning again. I went into the bedroom and for once didn’t feel overwhelmed. I figured out how to rearrange the furniture; even drew a diagram. I feel really accomplished but I still have a lot to go.

Mario called on his way home from work and asked if I wanted to go to Adan’s for a bar-b-q they were having for his birthday. I said sure. Mom stayed with Alaethia, the boys stayed with Mary. The guys are so funny. So many pics nad incriminating videos were taken LOL. Jorge, Jason, Adan, Mario, two of Adan’s friends, 3 of his cousins, me and later Mirella were over. We probably would have stayed much longer, but since I had to be up early we came home at midnight. Alaethia was sleepy by the time we got home (yup, Mom still hadn’t put her to bed, can you believe it?) so that kind of worked out for us.

What’s In A Name?

Gosh, I like being home. I woke up at 5:30am to snuggle with Mario and realized that’s the time I’m usually getting up for work. Bleh.

I woke Mario up to go to work. I meant to get up and make him breakfast but I was so exhausted from cleaning and staying up late that I went back to sleep until 11am with Aly. The boys actually let me sleep; Eenan told me he’d prepare their cereal (without spilling a thing!). What a big boy he is *tear*.

Aly and I woke up and I fed myself and Alaethia breakfast and started washing the pile of dishes. Mom was just waiting for us to wake up so she could come over, and then just sat and watched me clean. She says she supposedly comes over early to help out with the kids, but the boys were practically strangling each other and all she did was sit there. Argh. Anyway.

I asked the boys what they wanted for lunch and they said fish sticks. They always want fish sticks, which is why I hardly buy them. They ate 15 fish sticks each! Alaethia actually ate 2, which is really magnificent for her since she’s so picky.

I got all the kids ready so we could go to the post office, our bank and then INB bank to add cash to Mario’s gift card from his mom. He wanted to buy a scope or something like that from Cabela’s, but I didn’t want to use my Cabela’s card and he only had $60 on the gift card. I was going to add more, but it turns out I couldn’t. I ended up using the card for diapers at Target and used the rest for groceries at H-E-B and told Mario to use our debit card for his purchase. I thankfully didn’t take as long as I thought I would at H-E-B. I got everything we needed, including extras like Lunchables, drinks, and chips. Stuff like that never ends up in the cart when the boys aren’t with me LOL.

I went to Dollar General to get a few things I can only find there (like my dryer sheets) but I didn’t find a paint pan or rollers. Oh well. Mary invited us for dinner when we got home. Aly was in pain and moody so I put some drops in her ear and gave her Tylenol and before long she fell asleep. She was still a little feverish on and off. We spent time at Mary’s letting the boys entertain us. Eenan was reading the ingredients on his bar-b-q Lay’s chips and said mes-kweet instead of mesquite LOL. That set off a memory of the boys. They’d been pissed at each other a few days before and instead of yelling and getting into trouble started writing each other notes on Post-Its. Eenan wrote “You’re ugly” and Jaylen replied, “Eenan your stoopid”. It was hilarious. But they got scolded for being mean to each other.

I think it was this day (how sad that I can’t remember) that Mario and I decided that the baby’s name would be…

Drumroll please…


Yes, a very common name, which is unusual for us LOL. We just like it. Out of the 100,000+ names we read in that baby book, that’s really the only one that stuck out to me. It’s just cute and so girlie and Alaethia says it really well! It could also be because one of her favorite shows on Noggin’ is Little Bear and one of the characters is Emily LOL. We’re still not sure about the middle name, but I’ve got quite a list to whittle down.

I got started on laundry, bathed Alaethia, got Mario’s dinner ready and then Tommy and Yadira came over. Once they were gone I washed dishes and did more laundry. Can we say “nesting”? I’ve never had such huge rushes of energy for cleaning in my life. Needless to say, I was tired and my back was killing me. I rested on the sofa with my feet propped on a pillow and Alaethia came over and sat next to me. She had a little bag of hers with a compact in it and began putting makeup on herself, then me and then her sister, which means she was smoothing the pad around my belly LOL. She is so cute. I’m sure she’s going to be an amazing big sister. She gave her kisses and called her “Emma-lee”. When she got bored of Emily and me she asked her Daddy-O if she could put make-up on him “just one time”. Of course he let her ;).