The Hub’s Birthday, Food, and Sniffles!

Ugh. I feel like death warmed over. I told myself I’m not doing anything today; the kids and I are just going to be bums while I get over this darn cold. I NEVER get sick, ever, and when I do, I feel like I’m seconds from dying. I’m dramatic, what can I say.

I’ll update on the last week, since it was essentially a good one all around.

We were kid-less last weekend and both Jorge and I were feeling like not being cooped up in the house for once, so once I went to the bank after work I got home and we got ready to go have dinner. It took us a while to find a place, because we’re both indecisive but we ended up at Kumori. 2 Kumori’s. The first had tons of people and we were sort of ignored, so we got up and went to the one at Uptown, where we ran into Jeremy, Jorge’s old co-worker and friend.



Then we came home and continued our Breaking Bad binge :).

Alaethia had a UIL meet the next morning so I met Mary and the girls at the school the meet was hosted at. We met up with John and Audrey and all moved on to the hall where their writing meet was being held. It was much less chaotic than the cafeteria, thank goodness. The whole thing took about 1 hour and the girls emerged from the classroom and we were off. I came home and cleaned my bedroom a bit (I NEED to stop being a paper hoarder! I get so lazy throwing out important papers I *might* need some day but probably never will and I feel guilty throwing out the girls’ school work/projects. Ugh.) I kept myself pretty busy and then Mom and I went to Walmart, then Target, where I unsuccessfully tried to find something to wear for Jorge’s Company Holiday Party. But I did find some awesome planner supplies in that darn Dollar Spot!

Dollar Spot, you so crazy!
Dollar Spot, you so crazy!

Gets me every time! I’ve been avoiding Target like the plague; didn’t even do much Christmas shopping there because then I want to buy things for myself and I had to FOCUS over the holidays. *pats self on head*

We finished running errands, Mom and I, then visited Gramma. It was dinner time for her so I fed her her entire tray and then we chit-chatted some more before we came home. I debated rushing to Ross (always my last resort) to find something to wear, but I knew I really wouldn’t have time and I didn’t want to make Jorge and I late, so I wore one of my roomy, dressy blouses and threw on some jeans and boots.

The Company dinner was at Pappadeaux! One of my faves. We said hi to everyone, as half the company was already there, all timely. Jorge’s bosses sat next to us and across from us were Cesar and his girlfriend. We had a good chat about various subjects and then we played a trivia game. It was fun. And then of course came dinner, which I didn’t get a photo of because I devoured it. Tilapia and spaghetti squash, yum. I did get a photo of us, and our dessert, though!

The hubs and I :)
The hubs and I 🙂
Moscato d'asti sangria and cheesecake!
Moscato d’asti sangria and cheesecake!

The next day we spent quite literally being lazy. Wait, I think we left the house for tacos at one point? Yes, I believe so. I kept stalling going grocery shopping and by the time we knew it, Briana and the kids arrived! They came down for the weekend to celebrate Nick’s birthday. We got ready and went to Incredibowl (formerly Valley Bowl). I’ve been to bowling alley’s before, but have never in my life played.



Jorge tried teaching me, but I was awful till about halfway through, and by then it was too late! I was afraid I was going to slip and fly with the ball like they do in the movies buahaha.

Still, we had fun with the kids and the food was good, too!


Happy birthday to Nick!
Happy birthday to Nick!

Definitely need to take all the kiddos!

We got home and I was not happy about having to go to the groceries so late, but I knew I’d hate it even more if I had to go after work the next day. So I sucked it up and went. Then I was exhausted when I got home and fell asleep during Breaking Bad. Blah!

It was an overall low-key week at work, compared to all the other weeks! We had to get ready for our very first music in the park-type event at the Food Truck Park, and we had no idea how that would go, we just hoped it would be successful. We had other tasks throughout the week, too, like Michelle and I taking our Grant winners shopping for their supplies, so that takes up a good amount of the day.

Alaethia got home from school with a trophy for 2nd place in Ready Writing UIL! So proud of her! She’s gotten 2 1st place trophies and now a 2nd place one!!


I started the week out perfectly, but I woke up feeling like mush on Tuesday. I had the beginnings of a sore throat and my ears were stuffy, so I started chugging down OJ and green tea, and remembered to take my vitamins everyday. I felt great by the end of the day, though, and suggested eating at the Food Park to Jorge. (I’d taken a payment from the owners earlier that day and they reminded me for the 2nd time that I still hadn’t tried out the food!) He agreed, and the girls of course were all for it.

We decided to try Bliss Street Food out, since we hadn’t tried it yet, and we weren’t disappointed. The owners even sent out some fajita nachos on the house!

Fajita Nachos!
Fajita Nachos!

The temp. was quickly dropping and I started to get chills right when we were standing in line. The girls had showered before Jorge and I got home and their hair was still damp, so we got our food to-go.

Taco Tuesday!
Taco Tuesday!

We were so hungry I didn’t even get pics, heh. I had the Mexican Gyro (OMG, so good!), Jorge had the Gringas (tacos), Alaethia had the pork tacos (she’s a firm believer in Taco Tuesday) and Emily had wings.

The next day was Jorge’s 33rd birthday! I couldn’t get the morning off, but I got to get the afternoon off after lunch. Michelle and I took some of our Grant winners shopping and then we got back to the office where I got some things squared away for the event on Friday and then I left work. I stopped for some cheesecake for my love and some snacks to go along with his iTunes cards I got him for his birthday. He kept insisting we not get him anything, but I know he’ll always use iTunes cards so I got him those :).

He’d gotten 3 days off during the week to just relax, which I’m glad for. He finished getting ready when I got home and then I took him out to lunch to Kumori (his choice!).

Birthday Boy!
Birthday Boy!
All our faves!
All our faves!

Even though I could hardly swallow my food, I gave it my all! Everything in that photo is my absolute favorite!

We ran some errands, got some Starbucks and then we had a quick break at home before picking up Alaethia from Chess practice. Mario had dropped Emily off already with Mom. So we picked up Alaethia and then we hung around at home. Alaethia asked, “So! Where are we going for Daddy’s birthday?!” Jorge and I look at each other and I say, “Well, I took Daddy out on a date for lunch sort of late. Where did you want to go?” She said, “That fancy restaurant we always go to.” Pappadeaux! It’s usually where we go for his birthday, but since we’d just gone on Saturday with his co-workers and bosses we decided to do something different. After much debate, we decided on IHOP, heh.


I could hardly stand my throat by then. But we had a great time :).

Thursday afternoon was going to be a hectic one. I get out of work earlier than usual on Thursdays since Alaethia has UIL practice. So I picked her up, and then we went home and changed since Audrey, Maddie and my girls were going to try and Zumba Kids class with their classmates. I’d been wanting to put the girls in SOME kind of class, but everything is either to expensive, or it conflicts with my work schedule. This would work out, if they decided to join. Emily had been excited about it and then decided that day that she’d rather not participate; she’d just watch.

We get there and they’re the first ones. Sofia, Brianna, Audrey and Maddie get there with their moms and they instantly get into it. Even Emily, who was in jeans and sandals, decides to join. They had a great time and Jenny and I signed the girls up straight away :).


I’M even considering starting the Zumba class! It’s not my forte, seeing as how I’m extremely uncoordinated, but it looked like a great workout!

The girls finished up and we drove the 30 minutes it takes to pick up the boys. Picked up pizza on the way home, got them all ready for bed and Jorge and I continued our Breaking Bad streak–until I passed out on the couch, like always. He’s such a patient man :D!

Friday was finally here, I felt so much better, despite the occassional coughing fit every now and then. We spent the morning making sure we had everything ready for the Food Park that evening.

Once that was done my love and I had lunch at Zoe’s to celebrate some good news I’d gotten that morning, while I caught up with the Breaking Bad episodes I’d missed ^_^.

Michelle and I once again had some Grant shopping to do with the ladies, so that made the afternoon go by quickly. Who’da thought I’d get to do/shop for crafty things in my job??

We went to the Park to check things out and once the guys moved some stuff around we went back up to our offices where I did some last-minute social media stuff and then left to pick up the kids. I had to time it all correctly especially since there’s always that 5 o’clock traffic jam in Penitas!

We got back to my office just in time and I took the kids in to pee before going back to the park. I had them find a good seat on the bleachers while I went around taking photos and talking to a few of the Food Truck owners.

Our singer that night looks and sounds like Taylor Swift, so the girls (and boys) were immediately smitten.


Jorge stopped by for The Teenager (Eenan) who wasn’t interested in the event but posed for a photo for Mama like a good sport and we switched for Justin, heh.




The kids had a great time, the weather was awesome, the food was tasty and the music was great. I was glad to see we had a good turnout! Excited for the next one!

I got home with all the kiddos, dropped them off and then John and I went to get groceries. Then we got home and stayed up watching Breaking Bad. We have one episode to go!!

I don’t know if it was because it was chilly again by the time the event was over, or that I stayed up late or WHAT, but I woke up feeling awful today. Probably worse than what I felt Tuesday. I can’t believe I forgot to buy OJ!!

Ok, Emily keeps popping in to check when I’m going to be “done,” so I guess I am! Going to think of what to make for dinner for everyone.

Easter, My 27th Bday & Jaylen’s 7th Birthday!

Sun., Apr. 12th – Woo, Easter Sunday!

I actually woke up early for once and took a shower right away. Dad visited for a while–a very little while. He got nervous–I guess–when everyone started arriving and was gone after 5 whole minutes of seeing us. Kind of isn’t worth the gas all the way over here if you ask me. Granted, I don’t know how much time he was alone with Mom *cough*.

I sat outside with everyone and let my hair air-dry for a bit and then came in to flat-iron my hair. It was so hot outside it felt as though I hadn’t showered. I’m so not looking forward to summer *cries*. It was so hot that poor Emily had 2 bottles of water and she usually doesn’t like it.

Jose was the bar-b-q cook and Mary, as usual, made all the sides. The food was delicious. Immediately following, we took the little ones inside while some of the adults hid the eggs for the egg hunt. Then they stampeded like a heard of buffalo and looked for eggs. Mary got golden ones and if you found one, you won $5. That was a new addition to the egg hunt this year. Alaethia found one and Jaylen became really upset because he didn’t win a prize during the egg hunt when he has every other year. Eenan was indifferent; he was just having fun. Jaylen felt better when they played the ring toss game and he won some water grenades LOL.


Eenan Collecting His Eggs

Her Cute Hand!

Emmy With Her Gifts

We proceeded to the carport next for the games. The adults played first LOL. We had a Pass the Orange game, where you can only use your neck and chin to pass the orange to the next person. Whoever had the orange when Mary yelled, “Stop!” (she wasn’t watching) was out of the game. It looked hilarious…and quite inappropriate LOL. Andy was the only male who played, and I think he won!

Yazmin and Me Again

We played the Egg & Spoon race and then the Egg Toss where Mario and Jorge became over confident and were one of the first groups to drop their egg LOL.

Next the kids hit the 4-year-old Spongebob piñata next LOL. Elda had bought that thing 4 years ago for one of Brandon’s birthday parties and they didn’t get to use it. So we finally did.

After that the kids got to open their Easter baskets. Alaethia had a blast opening her stuff with her Nina Noelia and Nino Andy. Andy and Noelia are Emily’s Godparents, too, and I got a few pictures of her with her stuff and in the dress Mary got her. She was naked the rest of the time except for a diaper because it was so hot. The boys got DVDs and lots of cool fun stuff in their baskets so they were thrilled. So was I–I haven’t watched Bolt yet LOL.

The kids (and some adults) cracked eggs and then played with the shit-ton of water guns Jaylen received in his basket from Cat and Annie. Alaethia, Matthew and Belle spent most of their time at the refill bucket playing with the water. Everyone had a blast.

When almost everyone had left we went inside to have dessert at Mary’s. She made her famous Banana Cream Pie. Yum.

Aide, Mom, Sonia and I chilled out inside and then went outside with the few men that were left. And they were drunk LOL. They were sharing stories and being weird. Grandpa was even hitting on Mom. Then he asked to adopt Emily. Mario had to escort him to the car because he didn’t want to leave when Sonia was ready to!

When all the women left and the boys were playing at Mary’s and the girls were asleep I read some of my book, Eclipse. Yes, I’m still on it. When Mario finally came in we watched Bedtime Stories with the kids. We had pickles and popcorn; Alaethia loves movie nights. And the movie was so cute! I love Adam Sandler :).

Mon., Apr. 13th
– He boys had another day off of school and Mario was off work. My dad-in-law and Mom stayed with the boys while I caught up on sleep. Emily’s doing much better; although she does wake up every 3 hours on the dot, I’m so glad that she’s stopped having those strange 2-hour spans of awakeness like she used to.

While I was asleep Mario had gone to get his old job back. Everything went smoothly, thank goodness. He tried calling his current boss to let him know but he didn’t get ahold of him.

It was Sally’s birthday so I called her but got her voicemail. I feel so distant now. I know life (work, marriage and kids) is a constant, but I wish we could hang out at least one a month or something. I feel the way I imagine she did when it was the opposite: when I was working at she was at home with Quentin.

John came over and asked if I wanted Kumori for an early b-day lunch. But of course! We waited for Mario to get here, loaded Emily in the car and went. Mom and the in-laws stayed with the other kiddos (nobody else likes sushi LOL). I had my regular Fiesta Roll and an Ebi-shitake thing, which sounded like they were stuffed mushrooms but they ended up being little fried mushroom patties. It was ok, but I probably won’t order it again. I should have just gotten the expensive Maui-wowie roll but I didn’t want John to spend too much. I’d feel guilty.

We went to Game Stop to get Jaylen’s present from us and his present from mom. He wanted Gears of War from us, which I wouldn’t have allowed him to get at all had I actually researched what it was! Bad parent!

From Mom we got him a Worms game for the PSP, the Sims Kingdom for DS and another game I can’t remember at the moment. He was going to be thrilled.

I received my Hugamonkey sling that afternoon! It worked like a charm! Emily curled right up and slipped into slumber.

We went to Jorge and Maggie’s for a little bit. 3 of 4 kiddos went with us; Eenan, of course, didn’t go. We stopped for food first at Star’s. Maggie and Jorge were cleaning up and boxing up stuff so we felt kind of like we were in the way and Jaylen had to get bathed and in bed for school the next day so we came home. We watched a movie with Jason and Adan and Alaethia couldn’t be more thrilled since she got to eat more popcorn LOL. We went through 4 bags of popcorn and like, 4 huge movie pickles. I came to the realization that one day I will have two huge teenage sons and they will eat me out of house and home.

Tues., Apr. 14th – My birthday!! 27 years old already. I actually don’t feel old, even though I’ve been married 10 years and have 4 kids. I feel really good and I seriously have a feeling this year will bring tons of great things!

I had a good day. Everyone wished me a good day. I didn’t think we were going to do much since we were broke and I was okay with that. Mary called in the afternoon and told me to get ready because she was taking us out to dinner to celebrate. She said I could pick any place, so I picked Cheddar’s because I’d really been craving one of those Maui Margaritas!

Maui Margarita From Cheddar's

Mom, our kids, Mary, Mario, Andy and Noelia were all there to celebrate with me.

Moi at 27!

I ordered my Maui Margarita and the Beer Battered Shrimp plate. We had some laughs with our waiter, Dwight. He was hilarious and so good with the kids. I was a little upset that the boys were seated at a table that was near but still separate from us because there was no other table that would accommodate all of us. They enjoyed the extra space, though, and I imagine they felt pretty grown up sitting on their own.

Table for Two

Emily was fed and changed right before we arrived so she slept the entire time we were there. Alaethia had fun eating her ketchup (she could eat it all day if we let her) and fries and then, since the kids’ food came first and she finished early, began playing with a little boy who wandered to our table.

Ketchupy Alaethia

Before we left they sang “Happy Birthday” to me and then we had the most sinful chocolate cake. It wasn’t really cake, it was more like fudge smothered in caramel and a glob of vanilla ice cream. It was sooo good. I felt super full afterward.


Andy and Noelia gave me a gift card to Old Navy, yay! And from the boys (or Mary LOL) I got a beautiful silver cross necklace and a gorgeous little silver bracelet that has “Love” engraved all around it. So cute!

Mary, Mom and the boys went home and so did Andy and Noelia after we finished eating. Mario, the girls and I went to Jason and Adan’s to have some drinks. Mirella bought some Parrot Bay rum to drink with pineapple juice and it was really good. I chilled out with Aide and the girls for a little bit but she had to go to sleep to get up early for work the next day. The rest of us watched Beowulf while we had some drinks. Emily slept through the entire movie and Alaethia ended up falling asleep, too. Mario and I got home and put the girls in their beds and had some long-awaited alone time :).

Wed., Apr. 15th – I woke up and made Mario breakfast. I went back to bed when he left to work and had lunch when I woke up. Yup, lunch LOL. John came over and told me about all the things he was going to get me for my birthday but didn’t. Dork LOL. It would have been wonderful LOL.

I picked the boys up from school and, along with Emily, went straight to Eenan’s optometrist appointment. Jaylen did his homework while we waited and Eenan kind of just slothed around, literally. He kept throwing himself on the floor and laying there every time we moved somewhere else. Emily was a doll. Eenan most definitely needed his glasses. I can’t believe how bad his vision is. He’s going to have to wear them all the time.

I expected to spend about $20…but spent $77! Supposedly polycarbonate lenses are mandatory for kids under 18; some kind of law the lady said. That was $60 right there alone.

I was going to go to Old Navy right after the appointment since it’s right across the street and shop with the card Andy and Noelia gave me, but I already felt awful for spending so much money. Emily was also about to wake up at any minute, so I decided to go straight home.

When we got home my dad-in-law helped me get Emily and her car seat off the car and surprised me with $50! I felt bad taking it but he crunched it in my hand and made me keep it LOL. I will save for treadmill, I hope. Or use it wisely for something else should I need to.

I cleaned while Mario watched Emmy. When all the kiddos were asleep I spent some time with Mario :). That’s what I like about not working: I don’t have to be on a time limit all the time like I used to be. I can spend time with Mario whenever I want instead of going to sleep at 10pm like I used to in order to be up on time for work the next morning.

Thurs., Apr. 16th – I had Emily in her sling most of the morning. She cooed and smiled the whole time before she took her noon nap. I passed her on to Mom so I could clean what I couldn’t while I was lugging her around. I got ready to go to town again. I picked up the boys and took Mom to the pharmacy. First stop was paying John’s car and then visited Gramma.

I get to the parking lot and Mom goes off on her merry way and leaves me with all the kids to herd together. I’m usually ok, but when I have to get the stroller down like I did that day, it makes me nervous because Alaethia tries to run off after her.

Gramma’s doing pretty good. We sat with her and we talked about the kids and just chit-chatted.

We went to Walmart afterward and it wasn’t as bad a trip and I thought it would be. It was a little confusing since they’re remodeling or something and it was a little difficult finding a few things because they were moving sections of the store around. The whole store has a less crowded feel but I guess that could be attributed to them removing the fabric section from the crafts department. Darn. And I never bought the Strawberry Shortcake fabric for the girls, nor did I buy any extra Transformers fabric for the boys :(.

We did find little square pieces of fabric for Eenan’s Castle in the Attic project. We’d use the fabric as wallpaper for inside the castle. We were going to construct it out of cardboard and hot glue. Let’s see how it goes.

We got home and I put Emily in her sling. Mario was already here. I got to make dinner with her in her sling and washed dishes. I ate and then cleaned. I gave her to Mom for a bit so I could finish cleaning. I tackled the pile of junk on my desk. I didn’t get it all done, but I threw out tons of stuff. I felt quite accomplished.

I put her to sleep in her sling again once I got her back from Mom and began uploading pics to Flickr. I wanted to have the blog updated by that night, but alas, it didn’t happen. As I was sitting at the kitchen table with Emily on my lap and typing away on the laptop, Alaethia walks up to me and asks for her “Toshieh” which means “slippers” in Chinese, or Mandarin actually. She’s too darn smart! I love those Ni-Hao Kai-Lan cartoons! She’s learned so much from them. She even knows Yeh-Yeh means “Grandpa” in Mandarin and calls her Bimpa that sometimes :D.

Fri., Apr. 17th – I had an early appointment but it was fast, thank goodness. I was really tired from only sleeping for about 4 1/2 hours of broken sleep. I got the mail and to my horror realized Mario and I both went over our texting limit–$100 extra on the bill! Just wonderful!

I spent the free time I had that day sorting through my external hard drive that has all my music on it and deleted tons of stuff that didn’t even belong to me. When I used to upload for everyone for their MP3 players or iPods their music would somehow end up in my folder.

I got a call right after I’d picked the boys up from school that his glasses had come in and were ready for pick up. I took the opportunity to pick out my frames so I wouldn’t have to make another trip all the way over there. It was nice spending some time with just Eenan. He’s such a hilarious kid! Takes after his father.

We went to Old Navy this time since I didn’t have Emily with me and Eenan walked around with me while I tried finding some nice blouses. I still have some pounds to lose so I was being really picky. Eenan was being really helpful, even giving me some fashion advice like not picking out this one blouse because it looked too “old lady” LOL. He’s so cute.

I ended up with two blouses (exactly the same but one in plum and one in teal), black flip-flops, white flip-flops and I only had to pay $5 extra after using my gift card. Too awesome!

I got home and Mom, Mary, Elda and the little ones were chilling out on the deck. Big Mario had been working on leveling the cement for when the floors would go in and Mario was helping him out. We had a bar-b-q and just chilled out talking and eating outside. Elda gave me a really cute Fossil wallet for my birthday :). It’s such pretty colors.

Eventually everyone went in and it was just Elda, Mom, Jose, Mario, me and the girls. We talked about a lot of stuff, including the incident with Adan, Buddy’s passing, and other stuff. Adan joined us later and Jose lectured him LOL.

Sat., Apr. 18th
– It was Jaylen’s 7th birthday!! Mario had to work for half the day. We spent all afternoon getting ready for Jaylen’s celebration (does every other Mom with 1+ daughters take 2-3 hours getting ready, or is it just me?). I made sure I had all the essentials (packed diaper bags, camera) and we were off.

We stopped by Game Stop to get a Castlevania game we saw cheap for Eenan, just so he wouldn’t feel left out. Then we all met at Cracker Barrel, where Jaylen chose to celebrate. He especially wanted to go because you can play checkers while you wait LOL. The food and conversations was great, and it was just really nice to spend time with the family. It never gets old.

He Loves Checkers!

Sleeping Through the Celebration

Removing the Candles

Alaethia & Her Nina

Looking Tipsy

We ate and then sang Happy Birthday and had some yummy ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, courtesy of Mom. Our waitress was really nice and helped us out a lot. We stayed a really long time, just chatting, playing checkers and talking. Annie gave me a cute planner when we were leaving and Mom got me a huge box of chocolates from the shop for my birthday. We walked around the shop and I saw so many cute things I wanted! I’m hoping to go back for this frame that inspired me to paint the bathroom baby blue. But that’ll be another project to do after the living room’s complete.

I’m not sure what we did afterwards…we might have gone to Jorge and Maggie’s but I’m not sure. I’ve gotta ask Mario about that one. My brain’s turning to mush now that it’s 1:33am (on May 6th now). One day I’ll be able to catch up with all these entries!!