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Confessions of a Drama Queen

After getting my computer fixed my internet died for 2 days so I never got a chance to update. My cold only lasted 3 days–shortest cold I’ve ever had, ever. I felt absolutely horrible on Monday but went to school anyway just in case Mrs. C-R decided to surprise us with our exam on that day. All we did was spend the day studying. I studied that night, then at breakfast and then for an hour before our exam. Needless to say, I aced the biatch with a 100. *pops collar* We got to leave at 9:30–earliest we’ve ever left!

Wednesday we started our new course: Power Point. Mrs. C-R gave us a brief overview, showed us the do’s and don’t’s of presenting and tossed us in front of a presentation and we had to present it to the class–just like that. I did alright.

That same day we were put into groups for a group presentation. I was grouped with Romeo and Miguel and our presentation was based on weather and natural disasters. I researched and made the slides for Global Warming and Earthquakes.

I picked Mom up from the SS office on Wednesday after school. Good news: they’re going to help her! Someone is finally going to help my mother and I couldn’t be happier . I’m praying and crossing my fingers that things work out.

Mario got home early that night (for once!) and we started watching the first season of Desperate Housewives. Since we watched the show and then, uh, rendevouzed in the shower (it was the only place we could be alone!) I didn’t get to bed till almost 12. At 1 a.m., I woke up with the worst stomach cramps and then got the chills. I couldn’t sleep. It was the strangest–I felt fine the next day, but all night I was thinking, “Please don’t let me be sick. I have my presentation tomorrow and I’d hate to disappoint my group.” I felt really tired when I woke up that morning and even debated staying home, but I made myself go.

On Thursday, we finished up our slides and went first. We did pretty darn good. I didn’t even get nervous .

I had an appointment to donate blood after school, and Ricci was going to donate too, so we grabbed a quick lunch at Taco Bell and went to the United Blood Services office. My iron was really good, so the nurse kept trying to convince me to get the Plasma/Red Blood Cell thing done, so I did. It took forever. I did really good even though the needle hurt my arm like crazy, but when I was done I started feeling really light headed and sleepy. The nurse asked me to keep my eyes open just in case I passed out. Ricci had to stop half-way through hers–she was definitely passing out.’

We didn’t get out till 2:20 and Mary had asked me to stuff the turkey we were having for Tommy’s birthday dinner. I was also freaking out since I had to rush to drop Ricci off and then get in line to wait for Eenan at school (it takes 30 minutes to get here and I have to be in line for Eenan at 2:45). I made it a little late to pick Eenan up and called Mary to let her know I wasn’t going to be able to put the turkey in till at least 3:30.

The turkey cooked with enough time, thank goodness, and dinner was awesome. It was like an early Thanksgiving ! Mario didn’t make it, of course.

Speaking of, it’s becoming really hard for me to keep from either moping around or being pissed off about Mario never being home. Before, I knew it was because he *had* to work and was doing everything to provide for us, but lately I know he’s been getting out of work earlier and he just doesn’t bother coming home. He’s too busy with his friends . I’m just…getting sick of it, I guess.

Today, for example, he had the day off. We started on our individual presentations at school (I’m making mine on Care Bears–I really want to change my idea, but the girls convinced me to keep it). I didn’t get to finish so I was going to take my computer in to get Microsoft Office re-installed on my computer (since it got wiped out with everything else…my pictures… *clutches heart*). I didn’t want to go on my own, so I asked him to go with me when he called me after school. He couldn’t because don’t you see he had to take Magda to bail Jorge out of jail (long story). I know I shouldn’t be that way, but my God, wasn’t there anyone ELSE who could take her?? It’s almost 4:30 and he’s STILL there…waiting. And, knowing him, when they finally let Jorge out he’s going to go straight to their house and stay there till 2am.

I was going to make myself feel better by watching Desperate Housewives (ha, the irony), but lo-and-behold, my DVD is scratched or something because it doesn’t want to go passed the 3rd episode on disk 1. Grr.

I found Mary’s copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so I think I’ll go drown my sorrows on the couch with my face in the book. Yeah, that sounds good.


Busy Busy Busy, As Always

Wow. I’m seriously taking forever to update my blog.

I’m constantly busy; it feels like I never get time to just sit and take a breather. It also seems like I only get to update when I’m done early with an assignment at school (finished my Key Terms first, yay!). Today for example, I have to drop some movies off at Video Plus, mail some letters, go home, change, make lunch for John, Jaylen and I; pick Eenan up from school and take the boys to the dentist at 2pm, then I have to pick Mom up (who will be waiting at Target after her doctor’s appointment), go and see Mario at work (he hasn’t seen the boys in literally 2 days), drop Mom off at home and THEN I can go home. When I’m home I’ll have to clean, cook, bathe the boys, get them in bed and get everything for school ready and bathe myself. Never get a break. My deepest appologies to those who’ve sent trade requests from The Pixel Train and The Quilting Bee — I will try my hardest to find some time to update. I haven’t even checked up on my cliques, and I know I’ve gotten lots of submissions lately. I won’t even count on the weekend to chill out in front of my computer because we have another wedding on Saturday and who knows what on Sunday. Boo.

Chris and Nancy’s wedding reception was lovely. Nancy looked so beautiful in her wedding dress. I was so envious of her pretty tiara. I half-joked to Mario that I wanted to renew our vows just so I could wear a tiara this time (I had no idea what I was doing when we got married, I let Mary make most of my choices and thinking back, I would have done so many things differently). Maybe one day *dreams*.

I felt horrible that night though. We’d gone to the mall to get the rest of Eenan’s school clothes and saw so many cute outfits I wanted. I even thought of getting a certain one at JCPenny, but thought, “Nah, I have my dress at home.”

When I was getting ready that night, I notice I’m INCREDIBLY over-dressed. Elda was even in JEANS. And everyone somehow failed to let me in on this. It took me an additional 30 minutes to finally find SOMETHING to wear, which ended up being my Back Up Dress–a black one with white flowers that is so out of style, that I’ve worn to everyone’s wedding/special occassion/funeral. I tried having a good night, despite my horrible attire, but that idea went out the window when this ho-bag Mario used to be friends with (who used to be a stripper) started parading herself around the ballroom trying to get Mario’s attention. She finally succeeded when she got in line behind us to take pictures with the bride and groom, and just said, “Hi Weesie!” (Mario’s nickname). She must have been satisfied after that because she just walked off and didn’t even bother taking pictures with them. I loathe people like that .

We left the wedding early and went to visit Maggie and Jorge for a while. I was so tired (and it was WAY passed my bedtime) that I don’t even remember half the stuff we talked about. Mario had a few beers so, as sleepy as I was, I drove home. Slowly.

Don’t remember much from Sunday. Oh yes, we went to the movies to watch Valliant, which actually didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. It was cute and the kids loved it. I had no idea they actually gave out real medals to animals during WWII.

I had to help Eenan get to bed early for his first day of school the next day. He looked so handsome in his new school clothes and I didn’t have any trouble waking him up. Ricci got here early, so we left by 7:15.

His teacher didn’t get there till 7:30.

After she got my info and talking with her about pick-up schedules I didn’t get out of the school till 7:46. We’re usually at school by 7:56–there was no way we’d make it on time. We got to school at 8:10. I appologized to Mrs. C-R, but she was very understanding.

We studied for our certification exams and our final exam that day. I had so much to do at home that day (grocery shopping, laundry and all the other daily chores) that I hardly got to study. I only studied while John, Jaylen and I waited for Eenan to get out of school.

I ended up getting a 97 on my final–and I was disappointed. That’ll probably sound incredibly anal and perfectionist-y of me (I’ve heard it from the whole family since I was moping around all day about it), but I knew the two answers I missed and put in the wrong ones for not paying attention. I could have kicked my ass. My class average is a 98. I’m one of the top 4 (the others have 98s too). I can live with it.

As for our bills and stuff: I used the money for my tuition to buy groceries. I had no choice. I went in to talk to the Financial Aid people about paying my loan on the 12th instead of the 5th and she happily wrote a note in my file. She said if I ever have trouble again to go ahead and let them know and we’d work something out. Big, big weight off my shoulders. I was so worried.

I feel so tired. We get to leave in less than 40 minutes. Getting out early since a few people who didn’t come in to take the exam yesterday are taking it today. Woo. I so want to get a chance to take a nap. But, since Brushka’s indoors now since she’s going to have me some kittens (I’m gonna be a grandma!), I need to bathe her and clean out her litter box and fix the trashcan lid so she won’t be getting in there anymore . She took a buffalo wing bone out last night and left it on the carpet in the living room. There were ants crawling all over the place *shudder*. We’ve had such a bad ant problem lately. I blame the children for sneaking food into the bedroom…

Woo. Almost time to go . I can get SOME chores done early.


Updating from School! Buahahaha

I’m here at school right now. Sort of a free hour since I finished today’s assignment yesterday–cheater, I know :P. I’m writing this in a tiny Notepad window and will transfer it to GM during my break since we can’t be on the internet during “class”.

Things have been going pretty good. School’s fun. The drive to and from isn’t as lonely since Ricci goes with me :).

Friday, I donated blood (did I mention that already?) and I’ve got the huge bruise to prove it. The nurse moved the needle to the side while it was in my arm and said, “It might bruise a little, okay?”

“A little’s” an understatement! I look like a heroin addict ! I did get a T-shirt and a $5 gift card to the movies though .

Saturday was spent getting the last minute things together for Eenan’s party. We had Eenan’s “official” party on Sunday at Municipal Park in McAllen. I spent most of the day and night painting those blasted Yu-gi-oh’s, which I didn’t even get a picture of! I’ve still got 4 unpainted ones at home, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to paint them anytime soon. Mary picked mom up that afternoon since she’d be spending the night at the house to attend Eenan’s party.

The next day we woke up early and Mom, Mario, Jaylen and I gobbled up a quick breakfast at Whataburger and went to the movies.

Jaylen and I had already watched The Fantastic Four, but Mario and Mom hadn’t so we watched that one. There were a few things I missed the first time, since I kept having to get after Eenan who insisted on running into the isle .

We went back home and finished getting everything ready. Ricci was going to go to the party with us, but called and said she wouldn’t be able to make it. About 30 minutes before we left, she called and said she was on her way so we could leave together. Yay :). Eenan and Mom went with Mary and John (who was complaining about having to go), Ricci, her daughters, Jaylen, Mario and I went together. And we all fit!

Mary had gotten some great tables at the park, under shade and everything. Everyone got there and Mario, Noelia and Andy went to get the pizzas at Little Ceasar’s, which was a block away. It was nice. The kids all had a blast running rampant around the park. Eenan and Jaylen got along wonderfully with Belinda, Ricci’s eldest daughter. They had fun hitting the piñata, eating cake and Eenan loved all his presents. There was a moment where all the kids suddenly needed to go to the bathroom, but there was no way we’d be letting them go to the public restrooms there–they were disgusting. Let’s just say there was a mound of human poop smoldering in the hot sun outside the women’s restroom…so you can imagine how gross the inside of the bathrooms were! We ended up walking a block down to Circle K since Jaylen and Belinda couldn’t stand it anymore.

We went to Wal-Mart after the party since Ricci needed to pick something up for her little girl and got Eenan a gift he loved (a Blue Eyes White Dragon toy) and then we went to drop Mom off.

The next day Ricci and I came to school and after school we went to Mary’s office to pick up an insurance card, got the plates for the Prelude (the woman who attended me was a total witch!), then we went to the bank. After that, we picked her girls up and went back to my house to chill out. We watched a movie, Bruce Almighty, while I made lunch (chicken with celery gravy and garlic potatoes), and then we watched two more movies (50 First Dates and The Notebook). When dinner time came around, Ricci made a fabulous dinner of shrimp and rice–it was SO good. She even washed dishes and made tea, and it all took her about 30-45 MINUTES! I’m such a slow poke–that would have taken me 2 hours to do .

Yesterday was our friend Mayra’s birthday. Before we got to school in the morning, Ricci and I stopped by Wal-mart to pick up some cookies and drinks. Mayra brought a cake and after class we went to the lounge and had a little party. (We had to do 1 page report on the Three Branches of Government. We got our info from the internet–I can’t believe how long it took me. I hadn’t written anything like that in about 6 years!) It was nice. Rosie, Lucy, Ricci, Mayra, Joe and even Mrs. C-R ate together and talked. Mrs. C-R told us we’re a great class *pops collar*.

I dropped Ricci off, then went home, fed the kids, got them ready and we took John to the doctor. His chest pains–nothing serious, probably a muscle acting up. He got an EKG and everything. He got a physical, got blood drawn, and we told the doctor about his depression and he’ll be seeing a psychiatrist in November, maybe sooner if we can get the date moved up. I just hope they don’t fuck him up even more .

I hope I can get a chance to clean today! After we got home from the doctor yesterday I spent the remainder of the day (till 8pm to be exact) editing/colorzing some pictures of tattoos for Cuate, Mario and Jose. Mario wants to get another tattoo and Cuate’s gonna do it for him. Oy.

I have so much crap to do at home. I’m hoping to finish quickly and then get some rest! We don’t have school on Friday, but I highly doubt I’ll just get to veg out on the couch and do nothing all day. It’s good to dream though .