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Mario’s Party & Falling Stars

So I never finished up the previous entry. Are you really surprised? LOL

I cleaned up the house the next morning (Sat. Nov. 14th) and we had everyone over that night to watch the Paquiao fight. The guys set up the projector and screen outside and once everyone had eaten (I’d made enchiladas and Mary made carne guisada, beans and rice) we all went outside to watch the fight. It was becoming a little cool and there were mosquitoes, and Mario luckily still hasn’t put up our mosquito net in the bedroom after all these years so I laid Emily down in her stroller and covered it in the net. She slept peacefully and once she woke up everyone passed her around. All the kiddos were playing inside while we watched the fight. I hadn’t noticed just HOW MUCH they’d played until I went into Alaethia’s room the next morning (she still sleeps in her toddler bed in our bedroom) and saw the disaster. I could almost hear the “Psycho” theme song.

We watched “Yes Man” when the fight was over. I love Jim Carrey! I love the Red Bull part in that movie buahaha.

We slept in a little and had barbacoa at Mary’s that Mom had bought. Then we went to church. I love Sunday mornings like that :). I woke Mario up after church and we went to watch “2012”. It was just Mario, Mary, myself and Emily; the other kiddos would have been terrified of that movie. BUT the show was sold out so we ate at Whataburger and then saw the movie. It was good. Kinda makes you wonder about that whole thing. Mario’s really into the 2012 thing. In my opinion, I think it’ll be something like the Y2K thing. A lot of drama for nothing. Let’s hope I’m right, heh!

We went to Dinah’s house that evening to visit Brianna and her new baby. She’s so cute and little, but she’s chunky for a newborn! Very cute.

The cold front had come in the next morning, which is always nice. All 4 kiddos had dentist appointments that day so I picked up the boys after school and took them straight over there. I took Mom with me since they separate all the kids. Wouldn’t want to leave any of them alone in the lobby when it was Alaethia’s or Emily’s turn. Eenan got that same tooth refilled, Jaylen had two fillings done but did amazingly well. There were a few tears because he had to get a shot of anesthesia, but he was ok. Emily and Alaethia, of course, were fine. Emily’s only got gums LOL. Alaethia got lectured on how important it is to brush her teeth from both the dentist and myself LOL. I have so much trouble with her top teeth sometimes because she’s screaming!

The boys had TKD that night, so they got ready and we went. Jaylen kept messing with his lip because it was still numb. He kept saying it felt like cotton. During TKD they were practicing kicks (pi-chagis) and Eenan was his partner. Jaylen was holding the bag and one time Eenan kicked too high and the bag hit Jaylen in the face. Well he busted his lip just a teeny bit, but of course Jaylen started touching his lip with his hands. I don’t even want to imagine all the germs that are crawling around the bags and floor since everyone touches them (which he was touching while they stretched) but by the time we got home half an hour later, his lip was HUGE and swollen. It was the weirdest thing! We called Elda over, since she works at the office, and asked her advice. She said to give him Motrin for the inflammation and take him to the doctor the next day.

Mary got the boys ready and took them to school, like she usually does (she’s a saint, I tell you), and let me know Jaylen’s lip still pretty much looked the same. Mom had a really early appointment, so I got the girls ready and we went straight to Mission. I read my book “Tribulation Force” while the girls slept and finished it, finally. I couldn’t believe the end. It almost seemed kind of “fast”, like the author just wanted to finish the book already or something.

I did some housework and waited for Jaylen to call, but he didn’t so I assumed he was alright. When I picked them up from school that afternoon the first thing I asked him was to show me his lip. It wasn’t any worse, but it didn’t look at all better so I asked Mario to take him to the doctor while I was at TKD and I’d meet them there. He threw a fit about having to take them and not knowing what to do (it doesn’t take a genius!) but said he’d take him.

I went to my class, got out and when I got home almost had a coronary because Mario STILL hadn’t taken Jaylen to the doctor. So there, I go, changing and freshening up as fast as I could to make it on time before they stopped seeing patients. Of course we got there late. By the time we got there we were already 10 minutes late, but the girls at the office are so cool with me and let us in. The doctor wasn’t in; he’d already left for the day, but they took a pic of Jaylen’s lip, gave a description of it and what happened and the doctor diagnosed him and faxed a prescription to the pharmacy. Technology’s the best!

We got back from the pharamcy, went to Jaylen’s reading night for about 30 minutes and he got to test on 1 book. We got home, I made dinner, helped with home work and watched Biggest Loser. Man, I love that show. So inspiring that I did an additional workout of 150 situps, 100 crunches, 40 lunges, 20 pushups, 20 squats & a cool down, of course.

I showered and even though it was super cold outside, I bundled up, bundled up Emily (Alaethia stayed inside watching Noggin) and Mario bundled up so we could watch the Leonid (sp?) meteor shower. I was determined to FINALLY see a falling star for once in my life!

Mario brought out his thick army blanket Jason gave him, and his sleeping bag and backed the truck up so we could lay in it. We were super warm. The only thing missing was hot chocolate! We lay in the back of the truck and finally, finally, for the first time ever, I saw TWO falling stars! I was so happy. Wish I could have caught it on camera or something :(. It was a lovely night.

Mario’s B-day Weekend

Thurs., Nov. 12th – It was Mario’s 28th birthday! He decided to go to work instead of getting the day off, and getting out early that evening and then again on Saturday. I ran errands for both Moms that day, came home, picked up the boys from school, got ready for Taekwondo and had my class. I received my last two tapes from Ernesto that day. He had me doing kind of a practice test and helped me “perfect” my form and kicks and everything. I still have to practice the form some more (I know it by heart, but I get so nervous when I have to perform it in front of the instructors or when someone else is doing it at the same time! And I have to get over that because I’m going to be performing it in front of a lot of people the day of the test!).

The boys had Report Card Night that evening, so I got home, freshened up and took them straight to the school. They did really well; both got All A Honor Roll! So proud :)! Eenan’s sitting apart from the rest of the kids, right next to the teacher, since he distracts the other kids when he’s done with his work, but he said he doesn’t mind sitting next to her. She’s so patient! She’s so calm about it all though and for that, he adores her :).

Jaylen of course got nothing but good reviews from his teacher. She said she wished she could have 50 Jaylens *beams*.

Mario was home by the time we got back and I ordered pizza and wings from Wild Coyote’s, the new pizza place near the house (which is right next to TKD so as soon as we get out we’re smacked with the delicious smell of pizza and you just want to ruin your whole work out…anyway…).

Anyway, Mary and I went to pick up the pizza and sodas and we just had a nice little get together here at home for Mario. Elda & Jose came over a little later and had some Tres Leches cake with us and we chit-chatted. We’d be having Mario’s “big” party on Saturday.

Mario left to have some beers with his uncles so I watched Grey’s Anatomy and hoped to get a work out in before bedtime. Didn’t happen. Alaethia or Emily needed something every 10 minutes and Emily was a little fussy so that idea went out the window. And thus started a weekend of bad eating and not being able to work it off!!

Fri., Nov. 13 – I was feeling really lazy, but I’d been promising Mom all week that we’d go to town and so I had no choice. Got the girls ready:

My attempt at fixing Emily's short hair LOL

And just before we were going to leave, John calls asking if he can come over to do laundry. We waited for him and he went with us to Walmart. Mom did a bit of Christmas shopping, I got a few groceries and we rushed home so I could pick up the boys and then go to TKD.

Class was…alright that day. Didn’t get to practice too much for the test and the kicks were a bit more…tame that day. Not what I was looking forward to really.

The boys had class that evening, too. They enjoyed it ’cause they got to knock each other down practicing the one-step sparring. Ernesto had just made a comment about how well-behaved my boys are (they were partnered with each other) when Eenan got a little too over-eager and threw Jaylen down really hard. Oh, my boys.

We went to Jorge & Maggie’s with our girls after the boys got out of TKD. They stayed with Mary, as usual.

We had fun, had some laughs as always. I had a cranberry drink that was actually really tasty. It’s always nice hanging out with Maggie.

We left home early-ish because Mario had to work and I had to be up early to clean the house and get everything ready for Mario’s get-together Sat night.

…to be continued :P.

Another Year for Pixydust


I just renewed my domain for another year. And I’m still paying for monthly hosting so I guess I’m keeping the site another year. Me and my packrat tendencies; I’ve had it so long (2001, or 2002–don’t remember) that I can’t bear to get rid of it. Even though I’ve hardly updated in the past year and have missed blogging about TONS of details of the girls’ lives…I just can’t get rid of it.

I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll try updating again. I’m just so out of…practice, I guess you can say, that it’s kind of odd for me to try and update like I used to. I’m going to aim for at least once a week. Let’s see how that goes LOL.

So I’m going to try right now. I’m drinking my coffee and eating a bowl of sugar Cocoa Crispies. I just finished feeding Emily her baby cereal and she’s doing her Funny Face in her high chair and drinking her bottle.

I present to you: Emily's Funny Face!

Okay, scratch that. Alaethia woke up so I moved Emily to her play pen so I could stick Alaethia in the high chair to eat her breakfast, which consists of strawberries. Yes, she’ll be 3 in January (already, OMG!) and I’m still having trouble trying to get her to eat breakfast and sometimes to eat in general. Fruit is always my back up.

Aly at breakfast. She always has a "baby" or 2 with her.

Took a break there to get Alaethia situated in the living room to watch her Noggin–I’m sorry, Nick Jr. And I dusted the shelves in the living room and moved 2 more from my bedroom to the living room…don’t know if that was a mistake or not, after last night (I’ll get to that in a bit, heh). I’m so happy that this year I’ll get to actually put up a few Christmas decorations. I just need to FIND them.

We had everyone over last night, Jason, Mirella, Brianna, Jose & Elda, Adan, Aide & her kiddos and Mom & us of course. It was a nice night but the moments that’ll stick out in my head are when Jaylen & Jason were tossing a pillow back and forth & my Disney Jasmin snow globe broke. I left a gel pen uncapped and it stained the sofa bright blue. I almost had a heart attack but a few baby wipes did the trick–I love Enduro-suede sofas! And then–the climax of the night–the moment I walked into the bathroom and Alaethia and Belle were happily tossing cat litter all over the bathroom…again! They’d also dumped the cat’s food into the toilet and replaced both the food and water bowls with soggy litter. My whole world closed up; I didn’t know where the hell to start cleaning up. Mario, at first kind of rudely, had to take over and did a pretty good job cleaning up. Alaethia got reprimanded; I’m hoping this’ll be the last time she assists with that.

(OMG this darn cat just scratched my legs again!!!)

I guess this is enough blogging for now (it’s taken me about 3 hours to type this up little by little!). I just put Emily to sleep by singing “Morning Lullabies” by Ingrid Michaelson to her. They both love that song when it’s time for bed.

I need to do more laundry, wash dishes, vacuum the living room and practice everything for Taekwondo. Our Yellow-Advanced test is on Nov. 28th, 2 1/2 weeks from now. *gulp* I need to work on the form because I get mixed up if someone else is doing it at the same time or if someone even TALKS. I need to time myself and make my movements stronger and stiffer. I also have to work on my side-kick. That kick’s the devil. I get everything else except that. Oh yeah, and I also can’t get the Mula kick with my left leg and my left leg’s the stronger of the two, which is odd for someone who’s right-handed like I am. This is why I want one of those standing targets; so I can practice here at home. They’re expensive though and right now, let’s just say the bad economy finally reared its ugly head at us. Not cool now that Christmas is coming up!

Ok, ok. I won’t stall on my chores any longer. And Emily’s up already. Nice LOL.