Keto/Low Carb Cauliflower Sushi 

Everyone who knows me, knows how I feel about sushi. Eating Keto since the end of April is really making me crave it! A few months ago I tried my first shot at Keto sushi. It tastes incredibly similar to the real thing! All you need to do is grate some cauliflower in place of rice. I hope I can explain how to do this correctly! Please let me know what you think in the comments!

You’ll need:

A fine cheese-grater
A half-head of cauliflower
A bamboo sushi rolling mat
Nori (seaweed wrap)
2 long strips of cucumber
Seasoned, cooked shrimp (I season with garlic powder, sea salt, freshly cracked pepper, cayenne pepper and dried parsley)
Half an avocado, thinly sliced and scooped
Cream cheese
Chopped scallions
Spicy mayo (mayo mixed with sriracha)


Grate the half-head of cauliflower into a bowl, then microwave to warm up and let some of the moisture out. 

Let cool just a bit. Meanwhile, lay some nori on your bamboo rolling mat. Note: if the nori has preforated lines on it, make sure those lines and the “lines” of the bamboo roller are parallel to you. This will make rolling much easier.  Spread a thin layer of the grated cauliflower on the nori, making sure to completely cover it. Then, at the very edge of the nori/cauliflower that is closest to you, layer your seasoned shrimp, a strip of cucumber, avocado, a few plops of cream cheese, some green onions, some spicy mayo as compact as you can. 

Then comes the tricky part: grabbing the nori and bamboo mat and rolling it together over itself till you make a roll. This is my 2nd time making these and I had more trouble this time with my nori tearing (probably because I didn’t let the cauliflower rice cool long enough), so don’t lose patience. The end-result is AMAZING!

He Lives a Charmed Life

It’s always hilarious hearing snippets of Jorge and Briana’s conversations. On Saturday night in particular, they were having a conversation about making food–or about Keto, not sure–but I overheard Jorge telling her:

“This is what happens: I take a picture [of food], and send it to Yajaira and when I get home…it’s THERE. I sent her a picture of stuffed avocados and just watch. when I get home, it’ll be there.

“And here’s another one: I didn’t want to jinx it, but here goes. I have this hamper–I bought it at Walmart. I put all my clothes in it and *boom* all of a sudden, my clothes are all folded and neatly stacked. I don’t know how it happens.”

😆 😆 😆

He obviously got that from that one video about the guy telling his girlfriend some magical fairy does his laundry and picks up after him.

So the magical fairy took 2 nights, but she delivered the stuffed avocados…