Bits and Pieces

As you can see, I changed the theme up a bit. It’s not exactly what I imagined; I wanted to throw a succulent in there somewhere, but I don’t have the proper tools for illustrating on this laptop and it’s late, etc, etc. I also need to figure out how to make my non-Wordpress pages work with the CSS/tables, but that’s a whole other day, heh. Oh well, at least the blog works!

It’s been pretty low-key the last 3 days.

My love and I spent the morning being lazy on Sunday and had breakfast at Taco Ole.

That breakfast tho!
That breakfast tho!

We picked up some stuff we needed for the pets (namely the fish) at Petco and then we picked up Jorge’s boys to spend the day with us.

They watched football while I did some cleaning, lazied around, cleaned my bedroom and organized my desk and then it was time to start the week. Meh.

The girls have been wonderful. They helped with dinner yesterday after John and I got back from grocery shopping:

Helping make lasagna!
Helping make lasagna!

They’ve been super polite and helpful and willing to do their homework and brush their teeth and go to bed without whining about it. Tonight they didn’t even watch TV or play on their iPads; they spend their time playing Teacher and Student. They would call me every-so-often to pretend I was picking Emily up from daycare and checking her folder, heh.

Poor Jaylen hurt himself in football so he didn’t practice today. I hope he’s better tomorrow, and definitely 100% for his game on Saturday.

Eenan’s into his art and tonight he showed me some of his earlier stuff, from middle school (through Facebook, of course). He’s come a long way :)!

As much as it pains me to do so–because I’d rather be painting, or reading blogs or working on the scrapbook page I never got around to doing…

Pending pages!
Pending pages!

(It’s been like that since Sunday. I at least managed to CUT the photos today, heh.) …I’m going to go ahead and get in bed. Hopefully, Jorge will keep from stealing the covers all night like he did last night and I won’t wake up every 30 minutes >_

The Reception and Christmas Party

Monday – We started our Monday off by having breakfast at Denny’s, courtesy of our boss ^_^. By the time we got back to work, I had about an hour and a half to do a few last-minute things, like confirm attendance from VIP’s and pick up the Birds of Paradise, for the reception the next day before I had to pick Emmos up from school. My luck would have it that they didn’t have the Birds of Paradise in yet; not till 1pm .

I picked up Emily from school, had a quick lunch at home, and went straight Downtown to get supplies for the centerpieces. Again, my luck–they didn’t take American Express, so I had to go back to the office and find a Visa or Mastercard. Got that, went back and collected all my supplies. Made a few more calls, guided the men who were dropping off my linens, bar and cocktail tables, then started on my centerpieces. I have to say, they came out cute ^_^:

Birds of Paradise with Mum (I think?)
Birds of Paradise with Mum (I think?)
Birds of Paradise with Spider Mum
Birds of Paradise with Spider Mum

I talked to my boys when I got home, made dinner (shrimp, cheddar and jalapeño stuffed mushrooms), spent time with my little ladies and then put them to bed. My love and I were naughty and enjoyed some RGV Cupcake Factory cupcakes that Jessica and her hubby got us :).

His and hers cupcakes :P
His and hers cupcakes 😛

Tuesday – The next day was a whirlwind. First, our Temp. employee didn’t show up, so we had nobody to set-up the event that was happening that morning. Thankfully, EZ was there and was a total hero, setting everything up and icing down the drinks and wine along with Wally. They and Michelle stuck around in the evening for the event. I was glad to have moral support LOL. Everything went off without a hitch, even though Corner Stone was a bit late. I can’t be mad at them though, they always help us out and I LOVE their food. We had a great turn-out and we got to bring leftovers home, woo!

Alaethia got to enjoy some fruit while she played on the laptop (Mom had already made the girls dinner) and Jorge had leftovers. Sometimes it’s nice not having to cook, heh.

Wednesday – Since I mostly had e-mails to reply to at work (98% of them in Spanish, FML), I took Emily with me in the afternoon and Mario picked her up on his way to pick up Alaethia from school. She always enjoys going to work with me ^_^. She enjoys it too much sometimes, I think, because she’ll become mopey and upset when I won’t let her go with me. She was a total angel, though, coloring Hello Kitty pages with my highlighters ^_^.

Emmos at work
Emmos at work

I got home and spent time with the girls and John, who usually visits on Wednesdays. We were entertained by Ruffles, who always manages to stuff his enormous self into a small box or shopping bag :3.

The amazing, shrinking Ruffles!
The amazing, shrinking Ruffles!

Thursday – The next day was cleaning day at work, so we got to wear jeans! I coasted throughout the morning since I finished cleaning pretty fast. I concentrated more on answering a few e-mails, then went to pick Emily up. I was running late, so I didn’t even really have a chance to eat. Luckily, Anabel had an event and Koko’s was catering so we got to have some of the best fajitas and guac :).

When I got back upstairs, I had a nice pile of STUFF that needed to be filed/put in storage, courtesy of my boss, heh. When he peeked his head around the wall to check if I’d noticed the pile I gave him a look like, You’re kidding right?

But he wasn’t! He said it wouldn’t take long; just to stuff the things in the cabinets, but I spent the next 3 hours tossing things out, some that didn’t even belong in our cabinets and organizing by event. You can’t ask someone who is self-diagnosed OCD to “organize” things.

Picked up my boys in the evening and they suffered for about an hour and a half while I looked for a blouse for my Christmas party outfit. I couldn’t find anything in gold, grrr.

Got home, made dinner quickly, snuggled the girls awhile and put everyone to bed.

As I’m cleaning up the dining room I found this letter from Alaethia to Santa:

"All I want from you is to see your world"
“All I want from you is to see your world”

Isn’t she the most adorable, innocent thing??

Friday – Early morning for the boys and myself. Got to work and ran a few errands, including picking up the cake for our Business and Tamales event and the cupcakes for our staff Christmas party in the evening. Got back, dropped them off and picked up Emily. I got back to work, helped serve our members and then I got to eat some tamales. There were some leftover, so they gave us some to bring home. I was thrilled to have dinner “ready” for mom and the kids, since Jorge and I were going to slip out for 2 hours to attend the party.

I picked the boys up, got home, changed, Jorge changed and we were out the door.

We had such a great time :). I’m seriously a lucky girl to work with such fun, great people ^_^. The white elephant game was hilarious; about 80% of our “gifts” were wine or liquor and those were the ones people were “stealing” LOL. And of course the food was delish: Corner Stone Grill was catering again, woo!

Some of us girls
Some of us girls
My honey and I :)
My honey and I 🙂
Jessica and me :)
Jessica and me 🙂
A few of us girls
A few of us girls

When the party was over, everyone broke up into groups and went off to their after parties. Michelle wanted us to join them, but we wanted to get back home to the kids. And we did, and watched movies and relaxed :).

Saturday – All the kids and Mom and myself piled into the car and ran errands: mom had a bill to pay, I did some shopping for Briana and Dina at this cute boutique we discovered Downtown and then took the kids to Game Stop. Got home, made lunch and then the girls and I did some shopping at Target while Mom stayed with the boys.

Jorge was BBQ’ing for us that night (which everyone was glad about–the boys love BBQ’ing). Mom and Julien played with a tiny soccer ball, Julien rode a bike around and then he and Mom went inside since a cold front was coming in. I assisted with the cooking and we brought all the food in since it was chilly by the time it was ready. Eenan and I had about 5 quesadillas each that night. Lawd.

Sunday – We lazied around on Sunday, watching football and doing chores. The kids wanted to watch one of the Walking Dead episodes, and although I told the girls they’d be scared later they piled into our room with the boys. It was hilarious when Jorgie yelled, “Ok, everybody scootsies!!!” LOL

"Everybody scootsies!!"
“Everybody scootsies!!”

Eenan WAS going to watch the TV with the other kids, until I busted out my phone to snap a pic and he bailed LOL. I miss the days when I would force him to take a photo *sigh*. They grow so fast!