Taking a Breather

Today is Good Friday, which means I have a day off from work. The kids are with the other parents, and since the family is coming down from Austin and we’re hosting everyone on Easter Sunday, I figured it was the perfect chance to tidy up and take care of some more tidying-up-things I hadn’t had a chance to do. But first, I wanted to go jogging! I started up again this past Tuesday when I went with Emmos.

And then Wednesday, both girls went with me and we literally RAN since it was about to start raining.

So of course I would wake up today feeling like a chicharron; completely sore and immobile. And guess what? I slept till friggin’ 10:30 a.m.! So I didn’t accomplish that part of my to-do list. I made some breakfast, Keto Pancakes, instead!

And then I got to cleaning. First I started with my bathroom, which the cats completely destroyed. I love Kika, but my gosh, that cat is sooo messy!

I’d recently finished the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” because this chick needs HELP with tidying. So I used the KonMarie method last week by starting with all the clothes I own…and got rid of 1 garbage bag. ONE. UNO. I must have done something wrong! But Jorge installed a 2nd rod below one side and now I have space for my pants! Now all my clothes finally fit, thank God. Maybe that’s all I needed! 😆 I still have a mess on my futon though: stuff that needs mending, stuff that needs to go to the cleaners and stuff I want to sell on eBay. (That last one probably isn’t going to happen and the stuff’s gonna end up at Goodwill anyway *sigh*.)

Anyway. Cleaning out my closet entailed pulling out my large storage bin of photo albums. Those albums have been in that bin since Mario and I got divorced and that bin followed me to each house, each closet I’ve had since. They stayed in the bathroom all week until today when I removed some 80’s toys from the bottom shelf of one of my bookcases and organized all my albums. Of course, my ADD didn’t allow me to just PUT the books on the shelf; I had to look through each one of them. I’m not sure if flipping through and seeing my boys as babies, frozen in time, and now I don’t even speak to them on some days because they don’t answer their damn phones! Or seeing the girls as babies, or all the family photos with my ex-family, or photos I had of Jorge with other girls I despised LOL (we were friends our whole lives, remember?), or seeing photos of Gramma and just missing her…but as the day went on I felt this huge cloud of sadness just engulf me completely. I had already finished cleaning the bathroom, the bookcase and was halfway through organizing and chucking stuff in the kitchen when I realized I felt…defeated. I looked around and I felt tired, and I felt like I wasted my day off…and then I suddenly started bawling. For no reason. I just stood there in front of the sink and cried and sobbed. And I just let it happen. I went outside to the porch to get some fresh air, and just as I was calming down, Sandra calls me. I take a deep breath before I answer and we talk and I tell her she called at just the right moment. We talk about her goings on and my goings on and then we hang up. I was tossing out papers in the kitchen and was about to start vacuuming when I decided I needed a break. So here I am. It could also be that I haven’t really eaten; I just had some iced coffee and a few bites of a One bar. But writing has helped. And I called the kids to get an update on their day, so I feel better.

Maybe cleaning made me emotional 😆 ! Jorge got home later on and we went to pick up wings at Pizza Hut and as he’s telling me about all these awesome plans I just start bawling again! He said I was scaring him and that I have no reason to stress right now…and I really don’t! So, who knows, but I feel better now, thank goodness!

Adventures in Digestive Debauchery

Everyone that knows me in real life knows I don’t have your typical office job. There’s always something different going on, whether a meeting, event, seminar, visit from a group, expo, etc.

The days leading up to a visit from a group at work are usually hectic, and usually, these types of visits require a lot of walking, a lot of meetings, a lot of places to see. My favorite part: all the places we get to eat 😆 .

We started our first visit at Cracker Barrel, where I usually have the “healthier” version of the Good Morning Breakfast.
It was so good. Of course I’d have to have a biscuit, though 😳 !

We went to look at vacant properties, which was followed by a meeting at the Country Club. I’d taken an allergy medication (my allergies have been HELL lately!) so I was a bit drowsy, but I perked up once they brought this to the table!

Spinach Chicken Stack

It was heavenly! Seriously, one of the best things I ate during this excursion! I was sad I wasn’t able to devour the entire thing 🙁 .

We had several more meetings throughout the day and it was so humid and hot and just unbearable outside. We took a break around 4pm, so I freshened up at home and tried sleeping my sinus headache away but it was a no-go 😕 .

Dinner was at House.Wine & Bistro, one of my all-time faves. We decided to go for small plates and appetizers and share, which was totally fine with me since I was still somewhat digesting lunch!

These are probably my absolute FAVORITE!

Pommes Frittes, Garlic Lime Shrimp & Strawberry Bellini

Caprese & Chicken & Spinach Flatbread

Seared Ahi Tuna, Duck Flatbread

And then it was time for dessert! I’m still not over the fact that they discontinued the Banoffee 🙁 , but the S’mores Mousse and Apple Pie with Cheddar Ice Cream was pretty darn satisfying!



(OMG. Take me back!!)

We had early meetings the next morning, so I had a quick breakfast at home (half a PB sandwich on wheat), very early in the morning. By the time we stopped for lunch, I was starving! We went to the newest Palenque Grill location on Nolana, which I hadn’t been to yet. I ordered the same thing I’ve ordered at the first location: the Shrimp-Stuffed Tilapia. The cream in this dish is so delicious!



The plates are certainly enough for two people; I shared over half of my tilapia, which was good considering we headed straight to another meeting right after lunch, and I was having trouble staying awake 😆 . I would have straight-up passed out if I’d eaten the entire thing!

We took another break so I went home and freshened up (it was another scorcher!) and I tidied up my bedroom till it was time to go.

Dinner was at Bodega Tavern & Kitchen and the whole experience was just amazing!

Chicken Roulade

My dish was the Chicken Roulade, which included a quail egg and ravioli. Some of my favorite foods all in one dish! I got to sample the brussels sprouts as well, which were SO GOOD! It kind of reminded me of the ready-salad I buy at HEB with the brussels sprouts, kale and cranberries that I toss cayenne shrimp into!

Prickly Daquiri

Isn’t that the prettiest cocktail??

Then it was time for dessert! I didn’t catch a photo of the mousse, but I did capture one of the strawberry shortcake 3-leches!

Strawberry Shortcake 3 Leches, A La Mode!

Again, it was a good thing we shared dessert because I COULD HAVE eaten that entire thing.

My babies all got back from their other parents’ houses that evening. I got home and the little ones wanted to play, so of course I obliged!


We had a *super* early meeting on Friday morning, so I woke up and ate a quick breakfast. Eenan was already awake and wanted to learn to make scrambled eggs. I looked at the clock–I had time, so Emily joined us and we have him a quick lesson. I rushed my directions at the end, and Emily noticed, because she said, “It’s ok Mom. I’ll stay with this kid” 😆 . She’s such a little mom!


We were on the road by 7:45am, arrived at the meeting at 8:30am as scheduled…and they told us we were at the wrong place. So much for my completed notes; now we had to start from scratch again. There were about 4 hours till the next meeting, and our guests had new forms to fill out and wanted to check something out on the island, so after getting the OK, we headed there!



They filled out what needed filling out and after Googling a few things and making a few calls, I got to sit back and relax. They finished up their paperwork and we headed back to town for lunch.


You can’t go wrong with Luby’s! I am not ashamed to say I polished off that entire bowl of mac-n-cheese!

We headed to the next meeting, which was another head-nodder to be honest. But I paid attention and listened like a good grasshopper.

I broke away from the group at 4pm when we got back to the office. I said my good-byes, since they’d be having dinner with another group and I had to be at the Food Park to help set-up for the vendors and our Unplugged event. But first, I checked up on the kids. Since Jorge was also tied up at work, he ordered pizzas for them so Mom wouldn’t have to worry. I would have taken them kids with me, but the heat was unbearable. The girls would have been miserable (and would have made me spend about $30 at the market once the vendors showed up like last time!).

Since it was boiling and I had 30 minutes to spare(seriously, heat index was 114!), I joined EZ and Michelle at SALT. I had enough time for one cocktail before I had to rush off. So I had a Paloma.

Michelle's and my cocktails

And EZ ordered the Baked Alaska.

Strawberry & cookies-n-cream!

Holy, moly. It was to die for!!

Once 6pm came around I went back to the Food Park 2 blocks away and started set-up. I was lonely for a while, but then EZ, Michelle, Rosie, Val, Ryan and Rick showed up. Our performers for the night, Just the Two of Us, were fantastic!!

Of course I had to eat dinner, so Taqueria Los Brothers brought me their awesome lemonade and shrimp tacos. Oh geez. So good!!


I regret nothing! Ok, maybe just a little… 😀