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2021 So Far – Super Quick Recap

Feeling super adulty today. I didn’t sleep in and I did most of the laundry yesterday, which I usually do on Sundays and am killing myself at 12am when there’s still shit to be dried. Anyway! So I only have a couple of loads of towels to wash and then I’m done with that. I also filed my taxes–hell yeahhh! I remember waiting till the last minute last year and then bitching when my refund took forever LOL. I’ve got bills to pay this year so, I’m on pins and needles waiting for that money.

Since my last post: I’m liking my job. Love the pay (even though taxes, retirement and health insurances KILL ME), love that I have my own area (cubicle–my first job where I’m posted up in a cubicle!) and I get to read at my desk during lunch. My co-workers are all awesome, but I only get to see 2 of them every 2 weeks. How do I explain it? Like, they’re scheduled for 2 weeks in a row and then they telework for 4 weeks or some crap like that. Luckies. But I recently started teleworking once a week, which is nice, but this past week was a disaster. The internet kept crapping out, I deleted a file from our SharePoint like a dumbass that I couldn’t retrieve and then I had to go in halfway through the day because a shipment of supplies was being delivered *face palm*. My boss didn’t reply to my texts about going in because he was in a meeting and I didn’t want to end up HAVING to go in and being in a hurry, so I panicked and went in. He sees me in the office and says, “What are you doing here??” *face palm #2* But it was still a good day.

I met one of my female co-workers for the first time this week and I just love her. We are both girly, love pink and plants. And have tons in common! She even gave me cuttings from her beautiful Golden Pothos!

As for Jorge and I…we decided around…December? that we would see how things would go between us. He did start taking meds for his mental health issues (but forgets to sometimes and then we both can’t handle it) and he did see a psychiatrist like I suggested (but then stopped going). Most of the time he’s the “old, OLD Jorge”–the Jorge that was always completely infatuated with me and just loved spending time with me. But sometimes, like lately, the “bad, old Jorge” makes an appearance and I can’t deal. It brings back too many bad memories. I’ve decided that this year I’m working on my inner peace and dealing with his (or anyone’s) bullshit ain’t for me. Not doing that anymore. It’s taking a lot of motivation that I’m struggling to find, but I’m working on my goals this year.

My kiddos are doing fine, even though Eenan doesn’t come over as often as he used to, but we do video chat. Jaylen, Alaethia and Emmos are here the majority of the month, but still visit their dad (who is, amazingly, buying his own house after all these years). I’m still renting my same house, but hoping that’ll change in the future. So much of my money gone to waste on rent, but at least we have a roof over our heads.

Dimitri (John’s baby) turned 2 on January 30th.

Alaethia turned 14 last month and Emily turns 12 this month–crazy!!

The girls have recently gotten really into working out; I hope they continue long enough so that I can join them. I’m telling you–that damn motivation is hard to find! I’ve unsuccessfully started and re-started Keto. I messed up this weekend, again. But I NEED to get on the ball. I’m holding steady at 142-145. FML!!!

I’d rather read (“Luster” by Raven Leilani, “When No One is Watching” by Alyssa Cole are my most recent finished reads) than go for a walk, but I did yesterday with the girls. It was nice taking Jack Jack with us (oh, Jack is my Shih Tzu that Martha gave us at the end of January <3 !).

I don’t think I wrote about it, but around September/October, mom started having really bad pains in her back and started losing mobility in her legs due to the pain. She had about 3 falls–with the last one being so bad that I asked Aunt Nora for help with getting her into a nursing home. It was a good thing I showed up after work that day, because after Linda left, Mom decided to go to the kitchen for lunch and fell and stayed there all those hours till I showed up. I didn’t have a key to John’s apartment so I had to call the ambulance and ask John to please hurry. He got there before the ambulance did, thank goodness. It was heartbreaking to see her there on the floor when we barged in but we didn’t want to move her. The EMT’s did and she was in so much pain. Turned out that she had several old fractures and the newest one was causing the intense pain. She decided on her own after that that she did want to be in a nursing home. It was a relief. I thought she would become more depressed, but she’s got some awesome neighbors and roommate and nurses. Her roommate, Sonia, and her very good friend, Bill, spend time with mom and have actually gotten her to go out and play bingo and get her nails done. I’m so happy she’s happy. I have to get a Covid test done every 2 weeks to ensure that I’m negative and to be able to visit her, but it’s worth it to see her.

The girls (my friends) and I had been having weekly Girl’s Nights, but because Covid is once again on the rise, we’ve kind of halted. Mary, from Quinta Mazatlan, passed away due to Covid. It was a shock. Duvin, my old co-worker from TABC, passed away from a heart attack. It’s just so sad. Javi is also very sick. He’s back in Austin with Dinah. He hasn’t replied to messages or tagged me in cat posts on Facebook like he used to, so that worries me also. I know his condition is very grave, but we’re all hoping for a miracle.

Ok, going to make sure these girls get the dishes in the dishwasher before I start the foods for Superbowl. Go Tom Brady! I mean, Buccaneers!!

Jorgie’s 16th and Emily’s 8th Birthdays!

We’re pretty saturated with birthdays during the months of January and February, heh. Jorgie and Emily’s birthdays are the last 2 for February.

Jorgie usually gives us a list of stuff he wants, even though–out of all the boys–he asks for the least amount of stuff, and usually pretty affordable stuff, too. This year, he didn’t ask for a thing, except cash. When I texted him again a few days before his birthday for ideas, he replied with, “Why don’t we all go to Cracker Barrel?” Such a good kid!

Emily, on the other hand, wanted to do Sky Park (we had a Groupon, woooo!) and she had a small wish list of stuff like Squishies, Chubby Puppies and Shopkins. At the bottom of the list it said, “But I’ll be grateful for anything!” I gotta brag: do we have great kiddos or what??

I met Mary, Emily and Alaethia at Toys R Us the weekend before their birthdays. It was their weekend with the kids but the girls wanted me to tag along, so I obliged of course. Emily chose all her birthday presents and their both made out like bandits.

The day of Jorgie’s birthday (Thursday the 23rd), Jorge and I sit for lunch at Republic of the Rio Grande and he breaks it to me that Jorgie wanted to save his money because he was dating a girl and things were getting serious and he wanted to talk to us. I was shocked, and all these thoughts started spinning in my head. What does he mean “serious”? I had Eenan when I turned 17, so that was the first thought that was swirling in my mind. Jorge assured me it wasn’t anything like that, so that was a relief!

We picked up kiddos all over the place that evening and then picked Mom up and headed to Cracker Barrel. 

We ordered our food after the kids took their “usual” seats.

Note the empty seat at the end of the table. That was Jorgie’s.

Then Jorgie pulled Jorge aside and he explained about his girlfriend while they played checkers. Jorge comes back and whispers what happened, and that he wanted to have a talk with me as well. Oh boy.

We eat once allll our food gets there. We had the best service that evening! 

We finish up and Jorge takes Mom and all the other kids home while I take Jaylen and Jorgie with me to the mall. Jaylen had a presentation the next day and needed a full outfit. We had only a few minutes to make it to the mall, but it felt like I coasted over there on autopilot as Jorgie told us about how he feels about this girl…and how he wants to use some of his birthday money to get her a necklace he’d seen. He put his feelings out there and I was proud and relieved that he trusts us enough to pull us aside and talk to us about this. And of course, I gently, but sternly, explained that he may feel like he loves her, but she may not be his last girlfriend, she better not hurt him and vice versa, she needs to be a good girl, about protection (we’d already had that talk several times), and we went on and on. Jaylen and Jorgie got measured for shirts by Mr. Shapiro, whom I’d already met at work. He’s such a sweet, patient man, and helped us even when the doors were closed and the lights were dimmed signalling that the store was about to close the registers. He called in that he still had customers and continued to help us. The boys were happy with their stuff (Jorgie got lucky since it was buy one, get one for a penny) and I couldn’t stop thanking Mr. Shapiro.

My handsome, growing boy!

We talked again all the way home, and Jaylen was sworn to secrecy. Jorgie continued with trying to convince us to help him purchase this necklace.

Emily’s birthday was Friday the 24th so after a crazy day at work, I escaped for a bit to pick up Emily’s cupcakes and met Mario at her school to have her little cupcake party with her classmates.

Her dad gets to have the kids for 2 hours on their birthday, and she chose to go to the Food Park 😀 . I just so happened to have Karaoke Night that night, so it worked out! Mario arrived with the kids and Jorge arrived with our other kids. And it wasn’t awkward, thank goodness! Emily got to spend time with her friend Danica, who is my co-worker, Ryan’s, little cousin :).

It was a great night, and Emily said it was the best birthday, ever!

We did some things around the house on Saturday, including some errands, like groceries, which Jorgie happily offered to help with. Then we made some dinner and headed to Sky Park. I made the mistake of taking most photos with Snapchat…and my phone was running out of storage space so it didn’t let me save them 🙁 .

That’s all I got! The next day we cleaned and ran more errands and headed to the mall for that necklace. The conditions: he will pay off the remainder by washing the cars…and happily posing for all the photos I deem necessary 🙂 !